Caption the Cartoon: Romney on Line

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When Mitt Romney lost the presidential race, it also ended his full-time career simply running for the job. Now where might he show up? Turn your reactions into clever captions and submit them below in the comments. Our editors will pick one to be added to the official Caption the Cartoon Winners’ Gallery.

Cartoon by Norman Dapito.

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  • EZ

    2nd Queuer: Welcome to the real world Mitt.
    3rd Queuer: And back of the queue now RMoney!

  • terra5

    Caption: Romney on Line: Clerk: ‘No Sir’, “We are not affiliated with ‘In Touch America inc’.
    1st Man in line: “Phone contacts for who??..Cesar Chavez & M.L.King’??

  • Anonymous

    Man in line: “I guess this mean he’s one of the 47% now.”

  • Gene Ogorodov

    I’m sorry sir, but the Republic of Texas doesn’t currently have an opening for President.

  • Patricia Ellen Hart

    “I heard there is an opening for the US Senate seat from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts!”

  • Patricia Ellen Hart

    “ORCA? I think it’s his plan to save the whales online or something.”

  • IndMind

    Make that 48%.

  • Tenthumb

    “That suit costs more than this building”

  • Tex

    He got “Bained”.

  • JJ

    Man in line: He can’t understand why this is taxable income or why anyone wants to know how much he made last year.

  • Patrick Jb Flynn

    This guy took cuts, should I roll him?

  • Jerry Thornton

    I hear he used Big Bird as a reference.

  • Michael Cash

    “I’m sorry Mr. Romney, but you do not get to go to the front of the line anymore”

  • Jonathan de la Luz

    Amidst much gossip, Mitt Romney man’s up. For once.

  • Chris D

    “Shouldn’t his benefits have run out by now; he said he was unemployed months ago.”

  • victor mickunas

    Please remove the silver spoon before speaking, Sir….

  • Mineola

    We have a job opening in a small crate tied to the top of a station wagon for you, sir.

  • Cathy Aeria

    I’m out of work….all my money is deployed overseas. How about some food stamps?

  • AshevilleJax

    Clerk say’s “Sir, which of your foreign or secret accounts would you like your unemployment check to be deposited in….. or perhaps we could deposit it toward one of your debt account’s, maybe in the Sheldon Adleson refund account?”

  • Lyn Horan

    “Haven’t seen him here in line since 2008. Seems to reappear every 4 years!”

  • Sal Voce

    Moyers, considering how successful Romney has been at business and how UNsuccessful our current w/h occupant has been at managing anything, I kinda doubt he’ll be in any unemployment line…

  • JK

    “I understand Etc-A-Sketch may be hiring”



  • Lara

    Caption: “He’s in line to get his reality check. It’s about time!”

  • Leigh306

    “Sheesh, he wanted to be first in line to cut benefits for us, now, look, he’s first in line to get benefits for himself.”

  • Forrest Townsley

    You think they will give him food stamps!!! I bet they will!

  • Charles William Artis

    I may love firing people, but I HATE being fired.

  • P.W. Fenton

    “I let him cut ahead of us. He says his dog is outside tied to his car.”

  • Raphael Nora Rose

    Why are you here? The Social Security Office is down the street

  • Art King

    “…so he thinks because he is out of work in 50 states he is entitled to 50 checks?”

  • Deana

    Sir, a rule is a rule. You cannot have your limo double-parked while you complete your paperwork.

  • Shane Wilson

    “Sir. Can I help you? Sir?”
    “I don’t think he’s breathing.” “No they just switched his battery off”

  • Pete W


  • Pat

    But Mr. Romney, why don’t you ask your parents for a loan?

  • Martha

    I see he is now an Obama supporter…wanting FREE STUFF!

  • Edith Brown

    I’ll wait for 4 more years.

  • Anonymous

    “He said that his check is going to be used for a plane ticket to the Grand Caymans. First Class of course.

  • WSH

    “I get here five seconds after the place opens and get stuck in line behind *This* guy! His last job application took over 4 *Years* for him to explain his ‘qualifications’ and he didn’t get anywhere!

  • Melissa Songer

    I’m sorry Mr. Romney, but we don’t have any record of your deposits.

  • marcia dunsmore

    Now what was your highest quarter?

  • talk2atree

    “Not only did he close my plant, he just cut in front of me!”

  • IWantTheTruth

    I hear he really blew that last interview!

  • NateinWS

    I was going to vote for him…and then I didn’t

  • Paul

    “He says he’s running for Head of the Unemployment Line. If he gets elected, he’ll outsource us all to China.”

  • roscoe123

    rmoney sez : but my wife ann said it was ‘our turn’…what happened ?


    Man in LIne: He says he’ll take a job in ANY country that has an o
    pening for President of the country.

  • Ken Kyte

    Man in Line: ” I don’t think they will direct deposit to the Cayman Islands !”

  • Cameron B

    “Don’t worry, he says he’s done this before.”

  • GeoGirl

    “Sir, you actually had to have been working and paying into the system in order to collect unemployment benefits.”

  • Freewill

    Man in line. “Says he almost had a good paying job and would have gotten it if he’d been more Mexican. Says he was passed over for an illegal immigrant from Kenya”

  • Dianne

    I guess he’s changed his mind about Big Government, now that he knows what it’s like to be on the losing side.

  • ftk

    Welcome to the 47% club and enjoy!

  • MeMeMe

    Women, “You may want to consider putting together a binder filled with your recent accomplishments.”
    Man, “Well, he did help to get the President re-elected.”

  • Charles Fred

    “He’s returning the binders.”

  • Ivan Obregon

    “I think he’s here to help us find work…”

  • Ed Schweibacher

    “Why’d you let him cut in front of you?” “He told me Tagg was waiting for him outside in the car . . . you never know when they’ll snap.”

  • Bill Padgett

    Man in line – “Better him than Big Bird”

  • Daniel Westcott

    ” There might be an opening at the CIA. Do you have any experience with covert surviellence? “

  • Ed Schweibacher


  • SCT

    “We know he loves cuts, but we’ll just have to show him out in the parking lot that cutting to the front of THIS line won’t happen twice.”

  • Guest

    “He won’t show HER his tax returns either.”

  • Anonymous

    “Straight to the front of the line and he didn’t even have to show any tax returns. He lost the election but he didn’t lose his upper-class privilege.”

  • Freewill

    Woman at window, “Yes sir, I know how much you have contributed to unemployment in the past, but your recent offer to increase your contribution has been rejected.”
    Man, “He thought he had it in the bag.”

  • Jeff Sponberg

    Aren’t you like an ATM? I’d like mine in fifty’s.

  • rob

    Yes, lying is just cause for dismissal, but Romney is appealing under the provisions of ADA..

  • old_timer_37

    Suddenly, he came out of nowhere and cut in front of us!

  • Emilio

    Clerk to Mitt: “Sir, although you say you’re just a regular guy who’s unemployed now, doing what regular unemployed guys do, no one’s ever bet me $10,000 that they’ve filled out their own paperwork correctly!”

  • Freewill

    Man in line: “Poor fellow must not have made much in his last job. He says he paid less than 13% income tax.”

  • jeanied

    Maybe we can sell the horse?

  • Hamilton Hurwitz

    Time to self-deport back to Loserville

  • Mark Barker

    Matthew 12:45

    New King James Version (NKJV)

    45 Then he goes and takes with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter and dwell there; and the last state of that man is worse than the first. So shall it also be with this wicked generation.”

  • Pat Plummer

    Some people say he’ll do ANYTHING for a buck.

  • Erik Ingmundson

    “What’s he doing here?”

    “He was feeling a little down because his company let him go. We had a long talk about the importance of taking responsibility for his life. I’m so proud of him!”

  • Epic

    Man in line: “He says he’s buying Unemployment and outsourcing it to China.”

  • James Howard

    “He knows how to create 12 million new jobs, but not the one he wanted”

  • Mark Breckenridge

    “Mr. Romney, it doesn’t appear you have ever paid State unemployment tax.”

  • Mike_B_R

    Guess he’s not so hot to cut “entitlements” now?

  • Ben

    Man on line: Wow, he really does have Romnesia!

  • Freewill

    You say you have over 35 years of experience in fabrication?

  • Bill

    Lady in the window: So you say your previous jobs were, bankrupting companies and firing the help, and deciding where to but the “bob sled run”. GET OUT OF MY LINE, YOU IDIOT

  • Day817

    Hmm..with all his talk, I thought he’d be able to create his own job..

  • Daniel

    “Sir, with all due respect, why have you written down ‘magic undies’ on the line referring to combined taxable income?”

  • Louise Carter

    I thought he wanted to cut the budget!

  • ric

    Sales don’t seem to be your forte,and your hands are too soft for manual labor, perhaps rest room attendant.

  • Shumanfu

    Caption: “I’m sorry Governor Romney! As you well know, the position has been filled.”

  • FriendTwin

    “Isn’t that the guy from Dancing With the Stars”?

  • Shumanfu

    Man whispers: “Smells like someone has crapped their magic pants.”

  • bill

    —-where to PUT the “bob sled………

  • theda

    I think I saw his dog on the roof of his limo outside.

  • abutterflybreeze

    At least he’s got lots of employment resources in those binders full of women …

  • Anonymous

    Don’t be surprised. I saw Akin, West, Mourdock, Walsh, Brown and Allen in here earlier.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t realize they were also handing out reality checks.

  • Brian Phillips

    “The guy ahead of me says that there is an opening with some fellow named CIA.”

  • Shahid A Naqvi

    I still support Socialism for the Rich!

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t we see a sign saying “no droids allowed in here”.

  • katherine

    guy in sweater: hey, isn’t that one of those “job-creator” guys?

    guy in necktie: no, i think it’s one of his other personas.

  • Jenelle Anderson

    He collects $14 million a year in interest, but he wants more….

  • Doodles

    How do you think those yellow feathers got stabbed into this guy’s neck?

  • Poet Tribble

    guess he shouldnt have spent that 800 mil on that last job interview

  • southerngent

    Man in line: He said he tried to get his old job back but they shipped it overseas. Where’s Myanmar?

  • shuttermug

    He said send my checks to the Cayman Islands.

  • doc

    Is it natural or dyed? With this guy it could go either way.

  • Debbie Montesano

    “How did HE get at the head of the line?”

  • Mark Reynolds

    Lady behind window: “There’s a temporary position as Elmo. Are you interested?”
    Man: “Is that Guy Smiley?”

  • Dan McGibbon

    Clerk: “Next.”
    Man in line: “He’s next to nothing.”

  • word2thewyz

    “Forty-seven percent plus one!”

  • Up in Back

    Rats…I should have worn the blue shirt.

  • Juliebelle

    Go ask your parents for a loan.

  • Warren Bull

    The last time he worked for a living was as a teenager clean up after a football game.

  • 2ANDVS

    [Romney humming to himself: “…and should we die, before our journey’s through….”]

  • ssinia85

    I knew he secretly understood us. (the man in line) You don’t qualify if you were fired for mis-conduct. (the woman behind the glass)

  • Loren Chapman

    “His job got out-sourced to the future.”

  • MichaelD

    Man in line: “I hear he’s only qualified to operate a car elevator and to run for things”

  • Sadie Custer

    No we aren’t looking for a buyout.

  • Sadie Custer


  • S. Stromsdorfer

    “Welcome Mr. Romney, to the world of 47%”; you can only go up from here…

  • Brunella

    “Hey, brother, can he spare any carried interest?”

  • TR

    “…says he’s been out of work for quite a while. He’s lookin’ to re-enter the job market.”

  • Mark Reynolds

    Lady: “This is the Human line, please proceed to the White Horse line two windows down.” Man: “Poor fellow, that line is much longer.”

  • Cushman

    Man in line: “The back of his pants tells me he’s practicing the “trickle down” theory.”

  • Wills

    Clerk: “No, I’m sorry Mr. Romney, you may not claim your unemployment check as capital gains.”
    Man: “This is going to put him in a higher tax bracket.”

  • Rob Owens

    Lady in window- Sir, you need to find some new friends, none of these references are from credible

  • Delia Lake

    I think Romney said it himself during the campaign. “I like being able to fire people.”

  • Michael Shingleton

    “Did you hear that?” “He just farted.” “That’s the first honest human sound I have heard from him.”

  • Blue Lady

    I am now the 47% that I care nothing about…

  • laureo

    Sorry, sir. But you do not qualify for unemployment insurance benefits. You do not have any earned income.

  • bagbon

    In this time of bi-partisan rancour, I am non-plussed that someone of Mr. Moyer’s ethics and integrity would be behind this kind of gloating and mockery. I campaigned for O’bama, and celebrated the election results. I think this sort of thing, especially in light of our victory, is really arragont, and really bad form.

  • Lorran

    He says he’s been preaching to the bovine masses so feverishly that he forgot to pass the collection plate!

  • Jim Elgas

    Man in Line, “Welcome to Private Sector.”

  • Jim Elgas

    Man in Line, Welcome to the private sector.”

  • LRJ

    We are the 47%!

  • Meg Kaplan

    As Romney waits in line for his unemployment benefits, he contemplates the pitfalls of cutting government aid and government assistance.

  • paul berger

    He’s in the wrong line this is not for deposits

  • paul berger

    He’s in the wrong line,this is not the line to deposit people he has put out of work

  • Elizabeth Eisenstadt

    “He’s looking for a job in community organizing”

  • Rosalie Panthaki

    I wonder how big his “gift” will be?

  • JohnN

    I hear he hasn’t had a job for five years!

  • Patricia

    “Did you make any hostile takeovers this week? Did you attempt to find a hostile takeover this week? Do you have any prospects for hostile takeovers?….”

  • Kathleen Ryan-Berger

    He claims he is entitled!