Back to School, On a Tight Budget

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Those tales you’ve heard — of teacher layoffs, over-crowded classrooms, cancelled art programs and students having to provide their own toilet paper — may be even worse this year, with per-student spending down from last year in 26 states. These new cuts come on top of steep reductions made in the past few years.

This chart from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (via Wonkblog) shows that per-student spending in most states is lower now than it was in 2008, when the financial collapse led to drastic reductions in state revenues.

Welcome back, everyone!

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  • Katie Morgan

    This is the essence of wrong.

  • Sol Squire

    How amazing that states are investing millions to combat non-existent voter fraud and yet can lower their education budgets!

  • gpulte

    We have how many billions of dollars sitting idle in the Texas Rainy Day Fund. Texas has a $500 million contract with Pearson Inc to supply high stakes standardized tests which reveal nothing about learning outcomes for children but serve to demonize hard working teachers. The purpose of these bogus and useless tests is to convince parents that public schools are bad and that the only option is to privatize schools so they can make profits off of our children first and the taxpayer second. How about we cancel that contract with Pearson and use the tests purchased to supply the Texas Legislature’s toilet roll dispensers at the Capital bldg in Austin?

  • tired out teacher

    Don’t you think Pearson is/was a friend to George W. Bush who started all this high stakes, expensive testing. Students aren’t learning anymore because the poor teachers are spending all their time getting the kids ready for the tests which does not qualify as teaching anymore!

  • sassybuna

    Can’t find Hawaii… Is that why our President wasn’t born in the US? Because no one considers us a state…yet?