George Lucas on Mentors and Faith

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After his epic series of interviews with Joseph Campbell in 1988′s The Power of Myth, Bill Moyers returned to Skywalker Ranch to interview George Lucas, whose Star Wars franchise was heavily influenced by Campbell’s work. In this Moyers Moment from The Mythology of Star Wars, George Lucas talks candidly about his personal mentors — including Campbell and Francis Ford Coppola — as well as the role religion plays in Star Wars mythology.

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  • Darkroomjames

    The Unanswered Question is: where did we come from? Seven billion people alive today have seven billion points of view, many quite similar in groupings of religions, but many in groupings outside of religion, too. George Lucas does us all a favor in pointing out that each of us has a little of the sacred in us, that we can discover what is holy in life, beyond controversy and canned faith. Together we can create a greater good. But the best parts of us come from deep inside our love for the human race.

  • Margot Miller

    Metaphors be with you.