Follow the Nuns on the Bus

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This interactive map shows the route of the Nuns of the Bus tour, which is visiting shelters, food pantries and community centers, as well as local congressional offices to highlight social justice issues and protest the House Republican budget. Click on the bus icons for more information, including how each congressman voted on the so-called Ryan budget, and how cuts to social services proposed in the budget plan would affect each state.

View the Nuns on the Bus tour in a larger map.

Keep checking for updates and more videos.

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  • Albie Y. Pabon

    Bill, I worked at WNET (fundraising/membership) in the 70s. Loved sneaking over to the studio to watch your team. Continue to enjoy your commentaries.

    Thanks so very much for the map. Very helpful.  As I a sharing this on Twitter, I am including your website. 

    Track the nuns and get updates at

  • Dschutte1

    It is so great to see some of the Catholic Church doing “Jesus work”. It would be great if the male power structure of the church could follow them and maybe some of the Republican Evangelical right could learn something, even Frank Graham. 

  • Carol Jachim

     Cheers for Nuns on the Bus … may the God of peace, love, justice and joy be with them, as they continue their mission. 

  • Dannert

    Sort of like Sister Simone Campbell, I am a “progressive national Prostestant social justice lobby”!
    The Nuns on the Bus restore my faith in the Christian Church especially when represented by Christians who actually love Jesus in the way He taught … doing unto the least of these. The church hierarchy needs to listen and learn from the folks who actually work with the poor and the needy.

  • MargaretK

    In Illinois where the Governor and the legislature are so willing to apply Ryan Budget principles to the state budget, Sr. Simone and the Nuns on the Bus are valiant spokespersons who give hope to all those in need who cannot speak for themselves.

  • P_schwalbach

    Sister Simone for president!!!!!

  • Gail Finke

    I don’t understand this at all. What does Bill Moyers have to do with these women?

  • Cehelwig

    If you have watched Bill Moyers over the years you will realize he is very much involved in social issues. If there is any social issue that will effect so many people, it is the Ryan plan.
    It generally hits the people least able to fight back so enter the nuns and Bill. I applaud the nuns for this wakeup call.

  • Gail Finke

    My question is not why the Bill Moyers people are going to do a story about it, which of course I would understand, but why they are accompanying the bus and seem to me to be a partner of some sort. There is a link to this page from on the Nuns on the Bus web page, which is how I got here. It looks to me as if they are actually part of the Nuns on the Bus project, which is not at all the same thing as covering it as journalists — but they seem to be doing that as well. That’s what I don’t understand. Or is that how this Bill Moyers show works? I have not watched Bill Moyers in years.

  • Jan Bennett

    Bill Moyers has covered many citizen movements of all kinds and persuasions through his many years of showing us what is happening in this country. This is a unique combination of a religion and politics from a group not thought to be political or allowed to be so. My goodness, next some perverted minds will see some sexual connotation! He is not on the bus, BTW.  Writers for his site are. Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be many updates. Perhaps we will see an overview when the tour is complete.

  • Sue

    Love to Moyers and the Sisters!You restore my fsith in my fellow Americans-at least a bit!
    PLEASE consider visiting Pat Meehan-he has been a dutiful part of the assault on women and the working heart of our district-PA7

  • Marcia

    These wonderful women restore my catholic  faith.  I think the Pope, Bishops and all male catholic hierarchy should follow their lead and ” jump on the bus”!   This truly is what being a good “christian” is all about

  • Anonymous

    What the Nuns are doing is the right thing – I am in awe of them – and they are setting a very good example .  I am shocked that the media is not giving them the attention they deserve.  

  • Masebesta

    I say yeah for the nuns. They taught me and nutured my faith more than the male heirarchy. They work among the poor and marginalized inspires. 

  • No-More Legal-Abuse Bren

    WA State Please!  I would walk over hot stones to just spend one moment feeling the Love and trust in the Lord and Human Beings from you Ladies… Just to feel the pure Love would be amazing and a moment I will take with me the rest of my own life- The Lord really does work in mysterious ways…. He put some very strong “Nuns on a bus” to set this country right once and for all…. gotta say…..Good work dude! Love ya bro!  = ) 

  • clazyrady

    What is your problem??

  • Deversole2009

    Hooray for Nuns on the Bus! And Sister Simone for leading the way! Jesus is showing what justice is through these blessed and courageous women. Faith is made stronger when true Christians speak out about the injustices perpetrated by people in high places backed by big money.

  • Guest

    Nuns on the bus would be 10 times more effective if they encouraged the crowds they draw to continue meeting together to select and support the right Representative to Congress from their District.

  • Bluenote6

    Why are you skipping Altoona?????????? I want to donate live and in person…..

  • Pat Flynn

    Where do I make a donation to the Faith Funding Campaign?

  • Mary Wendeln

    Can you do that with us?  Our trip is not political. We need your help in following through on that  message.

    A NUN ON the BUS

  • Bluenote6

    You have restored my faith…you have made Vatican 2 come alive….you have shamed the most selfish of us….thank you all….Pax Vobiscum……

  • Mthoma77

     Amen.  May God bless the nuns on the bus.  Please add Atlanta to your itinerary. 

  • Anonymous

    Congrats, and I offer you my total support, love and thank yous!

  • TAC

    GOD Bless the Nuns!  Keep doing Gods work! I support the Nuns 100% !!!

  • Make38


    Re: Nuns-on-a-Bus


    On the evening of 06/29/12, I attended the
    “Nuns-on-a-Bus” presentation in Philadelphia, Pa. A heart-felt message was delivered
    by the novice who is a social worker in Kensington. The novice gave a face,
    name, pain to the poor. I am extremely concerned about the other sister’s

    Yes, I heard about the comedian who got her nose stuck in
    the door of the bus. Yes, I heard the sister who was on many talk/radio shows.
    Yes, I heard the sister who cried when a poor man wrote her a money order for
    $2.50. Yes, I heard how each sister loves working with one another, delights in
    a 12 seat bus for 5 sisters, hated the heat in one location and terminated the
    presentation because of the heat. I tried to picture Mother Theresa on the
    stage last evening…and, I could not – Mother Theresa would be out in the
    slums, the ghettos, the inner city streets caring for the poor, not giving
    cutesy versions of her traveling adventures. I think I actually heard one of
    the speakers refer to nuns on a bus as her “posse.” The audience chuckled. But,
    there is nothing humorous about the heart-wrenching condition of the homeless
    or the atrocity of a lonely senior citizen cramped up in an un-air conditioned
    dirty apartment in sweltering 100 degree temperature…and, dying from heat
    stroke. There is nothing humorous about unvaccinated children, or little ones
    with the teeth rotting out of their mouth due to no dental insurance. There is
    nothing humorous about the many, many people in our country today without a
    job. Additionally, the definition of posse according to is


    1645 (in Anglo-L. from 1314), shortening of posse comitatus
    “the force of the country” (1626, in Anglo-L. from 1285), from M.L.
    posse “body of men, power,” from L. posse “have power, be
    able” + comitatus “of the country,” gen. of L.L. word for
    “court palace.” Modern slang meaning “small gang” is
    probably from Western movies.


    Sisters, really? 
    Are you defining yourselves as a powerful body of men? Or, are you
    defining yourselves with the modern slang version of posse?

    The sisters talked about diversity, yet there were no
    people of color on the stage. There was no mention of the great civil rights
    leaders in our country’s history who championed the plight of the poor,
    underprivileged, mistreated citizens in our country…the very purpose of “Nuns
    on a Bus.” After listening to the stirring impassioned Martin Luther King “I
    Have A Dream” speech, I am compelled to promote social justice. I am concerned
    that on a public forum where the opportunity to raise awareness for social
    justice is profound, a sister needed to talk about one another’s sleeping
    habits. One of the nuns on a bus gleefully described a trite, sophomoric
    incident between two traveling sisters who slept through a storm.   

    The sisters talked about inclusion of all religions, yet
    there were no rabbis or religious leaders from other faiths on the stage. The
    sisters choose two Marty Hageman hymns to sing. Why not choose one Hageman hymn
    and make the second hymn a Spanish selection, or a Spiritual.  Why not invite an area Baptist/Methodists/Lutheran/another
    choir from each state to sing?

    And, perhaps the most disturbing event last evening was
    the slide presentation illuminating all five sisters faces among gold stars. Jesus,
    who hung on a cross, would never have his face shamelessly self-promoted in such
    an embarrassing childish shtick. Jesus chose to have His face imprinted in a
    dirty piece of cloth. Instead of tacky gold stars surrounding Jesus’ face,
    there was a bloody, piercing crown of nails. How could the sisters use their
    slide presentation differently? While traveling state to state the sisters
    could actually visit and photograph the slums, the ghettos, the boarded-up
    Section 8’s. A picture says a thousand words. The sisters wouldn’t have to
    speak and tell silly stories. The pain portrayed in their photos would quietly
    scream injustice.

    The sisters bragged how easily they raised $150,000. The
    sisters told us the check came in “fine stationary.” Why does the audience need
    to know the quality of note paper?  Why
    not give that money to the poor and instead take the train or better yet walk….like
    Jesus did in sandals…not in that ridiculous, pricey bus. Their message would be


    M. Kane

  • Anonymous

    Dear Nuns,

    I am originally from Iran and was born a Muslim although I have become an atheist.  I do find your cause deeply moving. Regardless of where we live, it is not our beliefs that make us but rather the generosity of our actions.  Thank you for being such wonderful examples of humanity’s best.

  • Florine Serda

    The fact that the nuns are on a bus is a new way of approaching religious and social issues. To know their mission one would find nuns everywhere in the world and the Catholic Church involved in all the social issues.  Many nuns are martyrs that we don’t hear about because that is who they are.  Some probably don’t know about them because they don’t wear habits or proclaim who they are. 
            I would hope that this would be a call for more women to become, perhaps not martyrs, but involved in the Catholic Church in action and prayer.  There is always a risk in stepping out of the ordinary and the evil one is always ready to step in.  So in the name of Jesus Christ we bind any evil spirits that might be coming against them through the power of the Holy Spirit, with the intersession of the Blessed Mother and all the angles and saints. 
    Let us go forth in God’s joy, and peace and love for one another.  Amen

  • Dbash10

    My dear NUNSONTHEBUS how proud of U I am!!!!!!  How can we help ? I work with women that struggle with breast cancer and have NO insurance—I watch them die in pain and leave their children behind. usually hungry and scared!! Please continue to request that Paul Ryan speaks to U ,and answers your questions!!!.Let all remember Jesus said : “Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful”(Luke 6:35-36) . Let’s start a movement and get women to call, write, e-mail Paul Ryan’s office and ask him to talk personally to Sister Simone. I would like to know why he has labeled  some unacceptable ?  

  • Anonymous

    Thank you very much, Mr. Moyers, for keeping your focus on these wonderful ladies. If all Christians were like these gracious nuns, I would join them tomorrow. Unfortunately, MOST Christians are of the Paul Ryan variety, as I am well aware after many years of attendance at Catholic school and interactions with evangelical haters who abuse Christ’s name with no apparent repercussions. Truly this is charity and mercy — to give to those who have nothing to give in return, with no expectation of thanks. Thank you. And thank you, dear Nuns on the Bus. Please take young Ryan with you to see how the poor suffer. Perhaps he can still mend his ways.

  • Linda Wissing

    Hooray for the “Good Sisters” this is truly the mission of Jesus! Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers that you do unto me!

  • Lindi

    The Nuns on a Bus Tour is about bringing attention to the plight of the poor in America. I think humor works well as a way to connect to people. I am relieved that someone is doing something to bring attention to the content of Ryan’s tax proposal since yesterday the likelihood that we will see it passed into law increased exponentially. Please give the sisters a chance to do their work and hopefully it will inspire other people both religious and secular to join this cause and work for justice and human rights.

  • Anonymous

    Amen, sister!

  • Anonymous

    I know that the Nuns’ trip is not political, and I applaud them for all they are doing. Truly. But to my fellow US citizens: this country is governed by politicians and politics. It has been since its inception and hopefully always will be. It requires that each of us pay attention, read, research, listen (to more than one source — lest we be the victim of propaganda from only one side) and decide whom we elect. Please don’t wait until November to do this reading and research. If you do, you will not have enough time, I assure you. Thanks for reading this.

  • ktotten

    Finally a statement by a leader in the Catholic Church that Pro-Life is more than just being anti-abortion. I was enthralled by Sister Simone Campbell’s speech at the Democratic convention. I struggle every time a Homily is given that I should not support a person based wholly on their stance on abortion only. The 1st question I ask anyone who presents themselves as Pro-Life is “Do you believe in the death penalty?” So many times the answer is “of course I do” Pro-Life means so much more!

  • Robert Snodgrass

  • Robert Snodgrass

    Hello, I have been trying forever to get some help with this matter, but nobody seems to care at all. There is a very serious problem of fear of reporting unfair labor practice in Walmart. I worked there for almost 10-years with an excellent work history, up until we got a new store manager who was extremely verbally abusive to employees including a mentally handicapped female who he would bash until she was hysterically crying. You could hear her wailing across the store, and when I suggested to employees that we report it they said they were afraid they would be fired. I said we have rights and laws in this country and we do not need to be afraid to report abuse, especially of the handicapped. They said I was naive, and that everyone knows Walmart controls the government and everything with its money and lawyers and prides themselves on being able to get away with doing anything they want, I had more faith and trust in our system than that. I told myself from the begining, do the right thing, tell the truth, follow the rules, and trust God, and i began reporting the abuse to upper management. Before you know it the abusive manager started letting me know he was angry with my reporting him and fired me. That was just the begining of the mess. I went to the NLRB and they filed A charge on walmart for firing me for engaging in protected activity.
    Walmart then forced me to drop the charge before they would reinstate my job, and then harshly retaliated on me in many ways including false write ups and 2 more wrongful terminations shortly after i returned. When I went back to the NLRB as they had told me to do should this occur Walmart gave perjurious testimony to the NLRB and told numerous extremely slanderous and defamatory lies in order to have the case dismissed. I have struggled very hard through 2 dismissals before obtaining my NLRB files through FOIA and managing to prove so many lies that walmart had told the NLRB, that i believe that is why The Deputy General Counsel finnally told me to re-file my case. It is now back open, but not going well.
    Walmart has gone to great lengths, by doing things like what they did to me, in order to instill an atmosphere of fear of reporting in the employees. Everything is not fine at all in Walmart, in fact nobody has any idea how bad it really is because walmart has carefully ensured that the employees are so afraid to report wrongdoing that they won’t even say anything when they hear a mentally handicapped female hysterically wailing across the store and hiding in the break room from the ongoing extreme verbal abuse of the store manager, and when the one guy naive enough to say something speaks up, he is promptly fired and subjected to many forms of retaliation up to and including false terminations and having his name defamed and slandered to the NLRB. I could go on and write a book about everything that I alone have been through, not to mention what others have been through with this evil tactic used by walmart to keep their employees quiet about the truth of what really goes on in those stores on a daily basis, but it seems nobody would probably even care. If you could please get back to me to at least confirm that you have recieved this I would appreciate it. Meanwhile I have lost my job, my career of nearly 10-years, and probably any chance at ever retiring in my lifetime all because I reported employee abuse including of a mentally handicapped female by a store manager in our walmart store. Robert Snodgrass, 715 Taylor rd., Downingtown, Pa 19335, 484-252-9596 Thank You. God Bless you, and God Bless America