Faith and Reason

Bill Moyers on Faith & ReasonIn the tradition of the landmark series Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth, this series features provocative conversations with unique voices drawn from the group assembled at the PEN World Voices Festival in New York: Margaret Atwood, Mary Gordon, Richard Rodriguez, and others. During the course of seven hour-long weekly episodes, Moyers takes viewers on a rare journey deep into these writers’ work and their own experience to plumb new ways of thinking about the role of religion in shaping our world. The resulting conversations provide revelatory observation on the long-running argument between believers and disbelievers, and enlightening perspective on the fear, violence and intolerance that grip our times.  Reverent, irreverent, thoughtful and often humorous, these authors deliver fresh perspective that taps into an undercurrent in the national discussion and will resonate with the religious, the non-religious, and those in between. (2006)