Photo: Dale Robbins

Sister Simone Campbell

Public Policy Advocate

Sister Simone Campbell is the executive director of the Catholic social justice lobby NETWORK in Washington, DC. As an advocate for the poor, she lobbies on issues of healthcare, economic policy, and immigration reform.

Armed with a law degree and extensive experience in public policy, Campbell has become an effective leader in implementing social reform.  Most recently she’s received widespread attention for her role in organizing the 2010 “Nuns on the Bus” tour, where she led her fellow sisters through 9 states across the country in opposition of Paul Ryan’s budget.  If passed, the Ryan budget will drastically cut federal funding of safety net programs for the poor.

Prior to joining NETWORK, Simone served as the Executive Director of Jericho, another interfaith organization that aims to protect the interests of people in poverty. Simone also has international experience, participating in a delegation of religious leaders in Iraq in 2002, and later worked with a Catholic Services Relief delegation to study the Iraqi refugee situation in Syria and Lebanon.  As the general director of the Sisters of Social Service, she led her Sisters in negotiations with the government and religious leaders in the United States, Mexico, Taiwan and the Philippines.

Campbell founded the Community Law Center in Oakland, California in 1978, where she served as lead attorney for 18 years.