Photo: Dale Robbins

Monika Bauerlein

Editor, Mother Jones Magazine

Monika Bauerlein served as investigative editor at Mother Jones magazine before taking on her current position as co-editor of the award-winning “thought leader” publication in 2006. Before joining Mother Jones in 2000, Bauerlein was the managing editor at the Minneapolis/St.Paul based alternative weekly City Pages. She has also worked as a stringer for the Associated Press, correspondent for U.S. and European publications in Washington, D.C., as well as for the United Nations.

Mother Jones, a non-profit publication founded in the wake of the Watergate scandals, was named after union leader Mary Harris Jones, once called “the most dangerous woman in America.” Jeffery and Monika Bauerlein were appointed co-editors of Mother Jones in 2006, and their unusual collaboration has proven successful, garnering two National Magazine Awards, one for General Excellence and one for Best Feature Writing. Most recently, they won the international Data Journalism Award for Data-Driven Investigation. Jeffery and Bauerlein have ushered in a period of expansion at Mother Jones, establishing a Washington bureau and ensuring the publication’s digital presence by tripling traffic to their website after its successful relaunch.

Bauerlein lives in Oakland with her husband and their three children, and can be found on twitter @MonikaBauerlein.