Photo: Alton Christensen

Jill Stein

Physician and Activist

Dr. Jill Stein represented the Green Party in the 2012 U.S. presidential election. A Harvard Medical School graduate who become an internist specializing in environmental health, Stein became an advocate for campaign finance reform in her home state of Massachusetts, working in 1998 with others in her community to pass the Clean Election Law. The law was approved by voters by a 2-to-1 margin, but was later repealed by the Massachusetts State Legislature on an unrecorded voice vote.

In 2002, Stein ran on the Green-Rainbow Party ticket to be governor of Massachusetts, an election ultimately won by Mitt Romney. In 2003, she co-founded the Massachusetts Coalition for Healthy Communities. Stein represented the Green-Rainbow Party again in 2004 when she ran for State Representative, and in 2006 in her campaign for Secretary of State. In the 2006 race, Stein won over 350,000 votes — the most ever for a Green-Rainbow candidate in Massachusetts.

In 2008, Stein advocated for a “Secure a Green Future” ballot initiative that called for moving the Massachusetts economy to renewable energy, and prioritizing the development of green jobs. The initiative won 81 percent of the vote in the districts that included it on the ballot.

Stein’s presidential campaign focused largely on moving towards a green economy, which she argued would provide the American economy with 16 million new jobs while making the environment cleaner and safer. She currently serves as president of the Green Shadow Cabinet, an organization of nearly 100 prominent scientists, community and labor leaders, physicians, cultural workers, veterans, and more, and provides an ongoing opposition and alternative voice to the dysfunctional government in Washington D.C.

Stein graduated magna cum laude from Harvard College, and from Harvard Medical School.