Photo: Dale Robbins

Danielle Brian

Government Watchdog

Danielle Brian is the Executive Director of the Project on Government Oversight (POGO), a non-partisan independent watchdog group that works to ensure a more effective, accountable, and transparent government. POGO works with whistleblowers and Washington insiders to investigate and expose corruption and misconduct in government. As Executive Director, Brian frequently testifies before Congress, and meets regularly with legislators, White House officials and federal agencies to encourage a more open and ethical government.

Under Brian’s leadership, POGO has launched numerous investigations that were successful in creating meaningful public policy reform. Some of her successes include the exposure of wasteful spending that led to the cancellation of some of the government’s largest contracts, uncovering oil and gas industry fraud on public lands, and increased security at U.S. nuclear weapons sites. Brian’s dedication to ethical governance earned her an induction into the Freedom of Information Act Hall of Fame in 2006. She serves on the board of Taxpayers for Common Sense, and is the chair of the Steering Committee for She obtained her Master’s degree in International Relations at Johns Hopkins University, and her Bachelor’s degree in Government from Smith College.