Photo: Dale Robbins

Dan Cantor

Campaign Finance Reformer

Dan Cantor was described in New York Magazine as the “model of a grassroots political boss” for his role as Executive Director of the Working Families Party (WFP) of New York, a progressive third party established in 1998. Under Cantor’s charge, the WFP has led successful campaigns to reform New York’s Rockefeller Drug Laws, maintain access to affordable mass transit, and raise New York’s minimum wage. His efforts have also contributed to the election of progressive candidates across the state — including mayors, state legislators, city council members and members of Congress.

Prior to his work at WFP, Cantor’s organizing efforts spanned the country. He was a union organizer in New Orleans and Detroit; a community organizer in Arkansas, Texas, and Missouri; and a political organizer and co-founder of the WFP predecessor, the “New Party.” Cantor also worked as Labor Coordinator for Rev. Jesse Jackson’s 1988 presidential campaign.

Mr. Cantor studied history at Wesleyan University, and co-authored Tunnel Vision, which addresses U.S. foreign policy. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.