US Rep. Peter Welch on the Cost of Senate Favoritism

January 25, 2013

Following up on a startling New York Times-reported story about a cost-control exception US senators provided to Amgen, the world’s largest biotechnology firm, Bill talks to US Rep. Peter Welch (D-VT) about his legislative effort to undo the damage and return half a billion dollars back to American taxpayers. In this clip, Rep. Welch describes the “vintage crony capitalism” behind the sweetheart deal, and the need to restore public trust in Congress — even after such a setback.

“It’s easy to sit on the sidelines and vilify Congress — and deservedly we get that vilification,” Rep. Welch tells Bill. “But that institution has the responsibility to make decisions that need to be made in order for this country to build its middle class, restore its economy, and make progress.”

Watch the full conversation between Bill Moyers and Rep. Peter Welch.

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