Clip: What Should We Do About Iraq?

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President Obama said on Thursday that the US is ‚Äúprepared to take targeted and precise military action” in Iraq if the situation on the ground requires it. In his comments from the White House he also reiterated that America will not send military troops to fight in Iraq.

Military historian talks to Bill this week about what military role America should play in Iraq, as well as the entire region.

He says the question to ask is whether 30 years of America’s military intervention in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya and Somalia has resulted in more stability, democracy and improved relations with the US. “If the answer is yes, then let’s keep trying. But if the answer to those questions is no, then maybe it’s time for us to recognize that this larger military project is failing and is not going to succeed simply by trying harder.”

This clip is taken from Bill’s interview with Andrew Bacevich: Chaos in Iraq. Watch the interview »

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