Morning Reads

Good morning — and a happy birthday to Dan Quayle! Here are some of the stories we’re reading this a.m. at Moyers & Company HQ…

Stat of the Day: 41.4 percent — the share of Americans who are “very religious,” according to Gallup.

The revolution won’t be globalized –> At Salon, Michael Lind argues that there won’t be a global movement against inequality because those at the top have rigged the rules in such a way as to make it impossible.

America needs a raise vacation –> Washington may become the first state to mandate that employers offer some paid vacation, as every EU country does. Bryce Covert reports for ThinkProgress.

Sleazy –> Michael O’Brien reports for NBC News that Republicans have created a series of websites that look like they belong to Democratic candidates but redirect contributions to their GOP opponents. Read the fine print while browsing.

Ladies, don’t move to Laredo –> At NYMag, Maggie Lange lists the ten cities where women earn the most. (Laredo, Texas, is where they earn the least.)

The war-zone next door –> Lois Beckett reports for ProPublica that living in high-crime neighborhoods can lead to PTSD like being in combat often does.

LIZ!! –> Sen. Elizabeth Warren proposes to do away with payday lenders and save the USPS by allowing post offices to offer basic banking products.

A nation of laws? –> TNR’s Noam Scheiber calls for “socialized law” to address the disparities in our justice system.

Interesting question –> “Is freeing a duck terrorism?” asks Ryan Shapiro — an animal rights activist who once freed several — at Truthout.

Quando? –> Republicans worry that moving on immigration reform will depress their base for the 2014 midterms, reports TPM’s Sahil Kapur. At MoJo, Kevin Drum argues that there won’t be a better time for them in the future.

Born that way, or maybe not –> At The Nation, E.J. Graff has a provocative essay arguing that, yes, people can choose to be gay. ALSO: Idaho state troopers cited 44 protesters in the capitol to demand that sexual orientation and gender identity be added to the state’s Human Rights Act.

Failing –> Josh Rogin’s headline at The Daily Beast says it all: “Senators: Kerry Admits Obama’s Syria Policy Is Failing.”

Didn’t even have a soccer ball to talk to –> Salvadoran fisherman lost at sea on a small boat for 13 months washes ashore 6,000 miles from home.

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