Morning Reads

Good morning, and happy MLK Day! Here are a few stories we’re reading on a slow news day…

MLK –> The WaPo offers nine surprising facts about Martin Luther King, Jr. AND: MoJo’s David Corn recalls the FBI’s war against King.

Everyone’s talking –> …about David Remnick’s long-read about Barack Obama’s second term in The New Yorker.

Christie–> MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki and Meredith Clark report that the US attorney’s probe into the Christie administration is widening, following the mayor of Hoboken’s allegations that the governor threatened to withhold Sandy relief funds if the city didn’t greenlight a development project. RELATED: “Chris Christie Is Going to War With MSNBC.”

Deepening anti-American rhetoric” –> That’s how AFP describes Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s latest demand for the US to halt air- and ground-strikes and negotiate with the Taliban.

Racial politics –> Salon’s Sean McElwee interviews Ian Haney Lopez about his new book, Dog Whistle Politics. 

Contra 60 Minutes –> Clean tech is actually booming, according to Will Oremus at Slate. 

Wealth addiction –> Sam Polk, a former Wall Street trader, writes in the NYT about how he became addicted to accumulating wealth for its own sake.

Related –> The 85 richest people on planet earth own nearly half of all global wealth, according to Oxfam.

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