Morning Reads

Good morning! Be careful out there — it’s Friday the 13th. Here are some of the stories we’re reading this AM…

The Nate Silvercation of our workplaces –> Andrew Leonard reports for Salon that employers’ are increasingly using statistical analytics to determine how much value their employees are adding.

Not Republicans or Democrats –> Paul Krugman reminds us that the losers in the latest budget deal are the long-term unemployed — and the economy as a whole.

Rogue –> WaPo’s Adam Goldman reports that an ex-FBI agent held in Iran for six years was conducting a rogue CIA operation. The story reads like a spy novel.

Media malpractice –> A year after the Sandy Hook school shootings, Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert calls out the media for not calling out Republicans for blocking popular gun safety regs.

Devil’s in the details –> The Nation‘s Zoë Carpenter reports that the strength of the Volcker Rule depends on its final implementation. Read our own roundup of reporting on the Rule this week.

Locked out –> Lesley Clark reports for McClatchy that the White House press corps is having a conniption over their lack of access to POTUS.

Adjuncted –> At Otherwords, Jim Hightower notes that a majority of college professors in America are now adjuncts being paid peanuts.

Affluenza –> Teen drives drunk, kills four people and claims his wealthy upbringing made him unable to connect actions to consequences. Judge sentences him to probation. Josh Voorhees with the maddening story for Slate.

Science of good and evil –> Chris Mooney looks at Harvard scholar Joshua Green’s research into the evolution of human morality.

Work/life –> At the Policy Shop, Sharon Lerner reports on a new push for paid family leave.

Holiday stupidity –> Jonathan Merritt writes at The Atlantic that Fox News host Megyn Kelly’s insistence that Jesus was a white dude is “bad history and bad theology.”

Time for a space odyssey?  –> Scientists call for a mission to Jupiter’s moon Europa. They say the body is venting its liquid atmosphere, giving them a unique opportunity to study it.

The wolves may unionize –> Stephen Colbert is hopping mad over the budget deal struck by Congress this week.


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