Morning Reads

Good morning! Happy Black Friday, or I’m Still Too Stuffed to Shop Day — whichever you celebrate. Here are some of the stories we’re reading over our leftovers this AM… 

On strike –> Salon’s Josh Eidelson on Black Friday strikes going on around the country today.

Big Turkey flexes some muscle –> Lee Fang reports for The Nation on how the “turkey lobby” helped block tighter child labor regulations.

Nastiest sheriff in America –> Joe Arpaio serves inmates 56-cent Thanksgiving dinners featuring tofurkey, says they should be thankful.

Strange rituals –>At Slate, Joshua Keating’s excellent series on how the US media would cover American events if they happened abroad continues with a look at Thanksgiving.

The definition of insanity –> In the NYT, Floyd Norris writes about how a Dodd-Frank rule requiring that banks hold onto some mortgage risk was killed.

Watching the police –> Barney’s New York to put NYPD officers under surveillance after repeated complaints of racial profiling in its upscale store. Via: Al Jazeera.

Take two –> Brian Beutler reports for Salon on what we should expect from the upcoming relaunch of the ACA’s online exchanges.

Low-wage workers need a raise –> So says the conservative millionaire backing a living wage in California, according to ABC’s Abby Phillip.

What could go wrong? –> Decades-old ban on firearms that can evade metal detectors may lapse because the current Congress is just awful. Ben Goad reports for The Hill.

Grassroots coup? –> Thai protesters are going out and occupying everything in a bid to topple their government. Via: AP.

A little misunderstanding –> Stephen Colbert apologizes for mixing up the meaning of Black Friday.

What else is going on? Let us know in the comments!

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