Morning Reads

Good morning! We’re getting perilously close to the weekend. In the meantime, here are some of the stories we’re reading here at Moyers & Company HQ this AM…

Obamacare Freakout Day –> Mike Lillis and Justin Sink report for The Hill that Congressional Democrats are “about to go crazy” over Obamacare’s rocky rollout. ALSO: Lousiana Sen. Mary Landrieu is offering a fix that Richard Mayhew thinks wouldn’t do much damage to the law. BUT: A different bill in the House would, according to TNR’s Jonathan Cohn, represent a vote for “everything you hate about health care.” ALSO TOO: Josh Barro thinks Landrieu’s bill would be the “real government takeover” of health care. AND THIS: At Salon, Eric Stern fact checks another Fox News Obamacare horror story.

Not helping matters –> According to ABC News, has been targeted by 16 cyberattacks.

Political roundup? –> According to The Institute for Southern Studies, police conducted a drug sweep in a tiny, predominantly African-American town in North Carolina before polls opened on Election Day, arresting about five percent of the population. Critics are wondering whether voter suppression had anything to do with it.

Treason! –> Kate Nocera at Buzzfeed: “Tea Party Group Will Primary 87 Republican ‘Traitors'”

Pushing back –> A group of Dems are offering a bill that would bar states from chipping away at Americans’ reproductive rights.

Making progress –> With DC sidelined, a Western regional coalition is coming together to fight climate change, according to the NYT.

Liz ready to go nuclear –> Elizabeth Warren says Republicans are trying to “nullify” the 2012 election, urges the “nuclear option” to reform the filibuster. Philip Bump with the story for The Atlantic.

Classy! –> Catholic extremists disrupt interfaith Holocaust remembrance in Argentina, partly out of spite for Pope Francis, who said it was one of his favorite events. Michael Warren reports for the AP.

Left and right together –> Howard Schneider reports for the WaPo that an odd couple, left-right coalition is coming together to oppose the Trans Pacific Partnership.

How’s that austerity working for you? –> Eurozone economies grew by  just 0.1 percent in the third quarter, according to the NYT.

Special relationship –> Michael Cohen writes in The Guardian that negotiations with Iran are driving a wedge between the US and Israel.

Latino/Asian outreach –> John Boehner says the Senate’s comprehensive immigration reform bill will get a vote in the House when pigs fly over a frozen Hell.

Still messing with our heads –> Andy Kaufman’s brother says the comedian faked his death in 1984; introduces Kaufman’s “daughter” who was supposedly born five years later. Via: BBC.

What else is going on? Let us know in the comments!

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