Morning Reads

Happy Halloween! We will refrain from stupid¬†spooky puns. Instead, check out some of the stories we’re reading this AM…

That went well –> goes down as HHS head Kathleen Sebelius testifies before Congress about the error-filled rollout. Via WaPo.

Pox on all their houses –> New NBC/ WSJ poll finds both Obama and GOP at all-time lows in public approval.

Not so post-racial –> John Harwood writes in the NYT that race still plays a huge, ugly role in our politics.

How to rig an election –> Florida Republican revives plan to allocate electoral college votes according to heavily gerrymandered congressional districts. Ian Millhiser reports for ThinkProgress.

Fraud allegation –> Dem in the California state senate allegedly got paid to aid a multimillion-dollar workers’ comp fraud scheme, according to Trevor Aaronson of AJA.

How very 19th century –> At Salon, Josh Eidelson reports that conservative lawmakers have weakened child labor laws in four states, and that’s just part of a widespread war on red state workers. ALSO: Gawker¬†has an audio recording of managers berating employees for wanting to form a union.

Pressure works! –> Remember that letter opposing new investor protections that was written by a lobbyist for the financial industry and signed by 32 Dems? After outrage ensued, all but two reversed their position, reports Erika Eichelberger for MoJo.

Hunger cliff –> MSNBC’s Ned Resnikoff says that food insecurity is high, and it’s about to get much worse as automatic sequester cuts to foodstamps are set to kick in right before the holidays.

Headline says it all –> “Meet the Most Crooked Cop in Afghanistan.” Dan Lamoth writes for Foreign Policy.

Austerity really kills –> At TAP, Steven Yoder suggests that a worrisome rise in incidents where police shoot innocents may be linked to cuts in police training budgets.

Prior restraint? –> Alabama blogger who reported on alleged infidelities by a former governor’s son arrested for violating a restraining order that civil liberties advocates say was unconstitutional.

Rebel whimper –> Chuck Thompson on why the confederate flag is so divisive, and why he took his down — with a quiz!

This lady must be the life of the party –> “A Fargo, ND, woman says she will give trick-or-treaters that she deems ‘moderately obese’ a letter instead of candy this Halloween.”

What else is happening out there? Tell us in the comments!

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