Morning Reads

Here are some of the stories the Moyers & Company crew are reading this morning.

On Syria…

And in other news…

Dark Money bombshell –> Politico reports that one of the biggest funders of the conservative movement was totally unknown until now. Read “The Koch brothers’ secret bank.”

Empire boardwalk –> McClatchy’s Jay Price reports that a “surreal” American boardwalk/food-court in Afghanistan is shutting down as U.S. troops pull out.

Budget battle gets weird –> Conservatives in the House balk at their leadership’s plan to pressure the Senate to vote to “defund” Obamacare.

Profit center –> Home Depot is shaking down accused shoplifters (and defining that term very loosely), reports ABC News.

Deregulating chicken –> Tom Philpott on Obama admin’s push to cut federal poultry inspectors — MoJo.

Couple fries short of a Happy Meal –> Pastor Terry Jones arrested with thousands of kerosene-soaked Korans, reports The Orlando Sentinel.

A guy who saw the crash coming–> Joe Stiglitz addressed the AFL-CIO convention. AlterNet has a transcript.

Foxified –> At Salon, Nabil Echchaibi on how Egypt’s hyper-partisan media is fueling civil strife.

Fry chef nation –> Over at Beat The Press, Dean Baker looks at all the crappy, low-wage jobs this recovery is producing.

Gonna need a bigger boat –> LAT‘s Deborah Netburn lays out NASA’s plan to capture an asteroid.

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