Morning Reads

Here are some of the stories the Moyers & Company crew are reading this morning.

On Syria…

“Daily Violations” –> The Guardian’s Spencer Ackerman with the latest NSA revelations.

All the money –> New analysis finds that the top 10 percent of U.S. households have captured all of the gains in this recovery at levels not seen since the 1920s. Annie Lowery with the story for the NYT.

Hooked on outrage –> Conservatives are hopping mad that the GOP isn’t willing to shut down the government in Obamacare battle, reports Sahil Kapur for TPM.

Climate report toned down –> NYT’s Justin Ellis reports that the next report on climate change from the UN will use very conservative projections.

Texas textbook wars continue –> Terence Stutz reports in the Dallas Morning News that the religious right is pushing for more creationism and less climate science.

Recalled –> Two Colorado state Senators who backed gun safety regulations were recalled last night. TNR’s Alec MacGillis on what it means.

Profiling –> The Nation’s Dave Zirin on the NYPD using sports to keep tabs on Muslims.

And in spicy news –> National Geographic on the compound in hot chilies that makes your lips tingle.

What are you reading? Tell us in the comments!

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