Morning Reads

Here are some of the stories the Moyers & Company crew are reading this morning.

The next crash –> In the WaPo, veteran business writer Allan Sloan says that Wall Street, and those regulating it, aren’t ready for the next unexpected crisis.

Healing Memphis –> Alex Halperin has a fascinating piece in Salon about how a hospital and a bunch of churches are fixing a broken health care system in America’s poorest city.

Legalize ’em –> Immigration reform advocates planning a series of mega-rallies this fall, according to The Hill.

The Amazon Post –> Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos promises a “golden era” at the WaPo. We’re hoping for free shipping, at least.

Politics come with consequences –> Robert Reich points out that the social contract has been torn, and until we fix it the economy won’t fire on all pistons.

The bright side –> Over at AlterNet, Frank Joyce writes that news of Detroit’s demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Poor white women dying young  –> The American Prospect’s Monica Potts looks at a mysterious drop in life expectancy for one group of Americans.

President’s old stomping grounds  –> Bloomberg  News on declining black home ownership in Chicago.

GREAT long read on Syria –> Is climate change the root cause of Syria’s civil war? That’s only one fascinating issue raised in a comprehensive analysis by William Polk over at The Atlantic.

Tough spot –> Do Congressional Republicans take the opportunity to humiliate Obama, or do they indulge their hawkishness? Byron York looks at the state of play in the conservative Washington Examiner.

The receiving end –> Sam Dagher looks at Syria’s preparations for a U.S. strike in the WSJ.

Iran’s Vietnam –> In the NYT, Robert Worth looks at changing Iranian views of the Syrian conflict.

Tough sell –> After Iraq, it should come as no surprise that lots of people are skeptical about the U.S. case against Assad. Hannah Allam and Mark Seibel have the scoop for McClatchy.

Grim –> The BBC brings us a Syrian refugee camp, in pictures.

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