• The Sandy Hook Promise
    Newtown parents and a legendary folk singer lift their voices to end gun violence.
  • Gunfighter Nation
    As the anniversary of the Newtown tragedy approaches, Bill speaks with cultural historian Richard Slotkin about violence in America. Plus, a Moyers essay on our gun culture.
  • Facing the Truth: The Case for Reparations
    Bill speaks with Ta-Nehisi Coates, a senior editor for The Atlantic about his cover story on why America needs to reconcile with its racist past.
  • No Escaping Dragnet Nation
    A year ago, Edward Snowden leaked classified documents on America's mass surveillance program. Investigative reporter Julia Angwin tells Bill what surprised her most about the revelations.
  • America’s New War in the Middle East
    Two experts on American foreign policy talk to Bill about our deepening engagement in the fight against jihadists in Iraq and Syria.
  • Restoring an America That Has Lost Its Way
    Reporter Bob Herbert on his new book, Losing Our Way, an intimate and heartrending portrait of America in economic despair.
  • The United States of Ferguson
    In an encore broadcast, journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates talks about the nation’s legacy of slavery and white supremacy.
  • All Work and No Pay
    Activist Saru Jayaraman — who is being honored at the White House today — recently talked to Bill about the fight for better wages and working conditions for America's 10 million restaurant workers.
  • Democrats Bow Down to Wall Street
    John R. MacArthur of Harper’s Magazine says that Republicans and Democrats alike are abandoning the republic in pursuit of big bucks.
  • The Children’s Climate Crusade
    A new generation turns an ancient idea into a crusade to save the future.