• April 14, 1992 | Listening to America
    This program provides a powerful examination of the forces contributing to the dismantling of the American economy.
  • April 7, 1992 | Listening to America
    Using Charles Keating and the savings and loan scandal as an example, Bill Moyers takes a closer look at the devastating connection between money and government.
  • March 25, 1992 | Families First
    Bill Moyers explores the human services system in America as it works to help families stay together.
  • January 8, 1992
    A look at how global economic changes are destroying the lives and livelihoods of hardworking Americans.
  • October 4, 1991
    In this 20-year compilation, Bill speaks to a wide range of people -- from average Americans to household names like David Rockefeller, Maya Angelou, Ronald Reagan and Joseph Campbell.
  • May 29, 1991 | The Home Front
    BIll Moyers examines domestic problems during the march to victory in the Persian Gulf War.
  • April 10, 1991 | All Our Children
    Bill Moyers examines the challenges facing youth in 1990s America and investigates how to help millions of young people emerging from school unprepared for life and work.
  • November 25, 1990 | A World of Ideas
    Part II of Bill Moyers' discussion with Latino grassroots organizer Ernie Cort├ęs. They discuss Cortes' works with the Industrial Areas Foundation, which he co-founded.
  • September 2, 1990 | A World of Ideas
    The leader of the International Ladies Garment Workers' Union reflects on his long life in the American labor movement and the role of labor in the new global economy with Bill Moyers
  • July 29, 1990 | A World of Ideas
    Bill Moyers talks with Louis Kelso about capitalism.