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Morning Reads: Two Brussels Bombers Identified; Sanders and Clinton Split Tuesday Delegates

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Morning Reads: Two Brussels Bombers Identified

People observe a one minute silence at the Place De La Bourse in honor of the victims of yesterdays' terror attacks in Brussels, Belgium. (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Brussels –> Yesterday’s terror attacks on the international airport in Brussels and the city’s subway system allegedly were carried out by at least three men, two of whom died in the explosions. Prosecutors identified them as brothers Khalid and Brahim Bakraou. The third suspect remains at large. ISIS claimed responsibility for the bombings. Jason Burke at The Guardian writes that the attacks may have been retribution following the arrest in Brussels last week of Salah Abdeslam, the alleged mastermind of last November’s attacks in Paris.

In response to the attacks, all of the presidential candidates spoke out. Ted Cruz’s campaign issued a press release saying, “We need to empower law enforcement to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized.” George Zornick has more at The Nation.

AND: Jamelle Bouie writes at Slate that, even though Americans tend to favor Republicans in the face of terrorist threats, the same may not be true this year should Donald Trump be the nominee. “According to the most recent Washington Post national poll, just 40 percent of Americans trust that Trump can handle terrorism better than Hillary Clinton. Just 37 percent say the same for immigration issues, and just 32 percent say the same for an international crisis. Indeed, as Nate Silver shows for FiveThirtyEight, not even GOP voters are thrilled with Trump’s ability to handle crisis, or even terrorism.”

Primary returns –> Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton won their respective party’s primaries in Arizona, the state awarding the most delegates last night. But Bernie Sanders won caucuses in Idaho and Utah, allowing him to walk away from the night with almost as many delegates. Cruz won Utah.

Joan Walsh writes about the Arizona campaign for The Nation: “Assuming the ultimate nominees are the Arizona victors, you saw a preview of the general election clash in Donald Trump’s and Hillary Clinton’s campaigns in the metro Phoenix area, and it’s going to be divisive and ugly.”

Enemy of my enemy –> Jeb Bush will endorse Ted Cruz today.

On the ballot –> Reuters: “A proposal to raise California’s minimum wage to $15 an hour by the year 2021 has qualified to be listed on the upcoming November ballot in the state, officials said on Tuesday… The California Secretary of State’s office said supporters of the measure, pushed by Labor group coalition Lift Up California, had gathered more than the 400,000 signatures needed to have the Fair Wage Act of 2016 placed on the ballot.”

Denial –> Jason Samenow at The Washington Post: “During a face-to-face interview with The Washington Post’s editorial board, Donald Trump expressed views about climate change totally out of step with the science… Trump begins and ends his statement referring to his lack of belief in man-made climate change. Man-made climate change is not about belief, it’s about evidence. And the evidence is overwhelming that it is happening.”

AND: Devin Henry at The Hill, “Climate change will hasten existing water supply concerns in the Western United States, the Interior Department concluded in a report released Tuesday. A warming climate is [expected] to bring higher temperatures and changes to precipitation, snowpack and water flow throughout the West, the report found. Officials said the threat highlights the need for ‘collaborative strategies acres each river basin’ in the west to protect water supplies there.”

Secret campaign –> At Esquire, Charlie Pierce sees Paul Ryan’s AIPAC speech Monday as an indication that, despite his denials, he is still, sort of, looking to be installed as the Republican candidate: “This was a guy doing more than rattling the saber. He was swinging it around his head until the air whistled. And, yes, this was a guy who’s still thinking about being president, no matter how many non-facts he burbles out on the topic to various interviewers.”

“Inside job” –> Molly Young for The Flint Journal/Michigan Live: “Mystery still surrounds an unsolved December break-in at an executive office inside City Hall where Flint water files were kept. As of Friday, March 18, there were still no suspects in the case, and officials say it may never be known what — other than a TV — was taken. But the city’s new police chief Tim Johnson says it’s too suspicious that there was a break-in where important documents were kept, just as investigations began heating up and decision makers were beginning to be held accountable. ‘It was definitely an inside job. The power cord (to the TV) wasn’t even taken. The average drug user knows that you’d need the power cord to be able to pawn it,’ Johnson said.”

Impressive resume –> Washington Post headline: “One of Trump’s foreign policy advisers is a 2009 college grad who lists Model UN as a credential”

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