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Morning Reads: Sanders to Endorse Clinton; Democrats Call for Carbon Tax

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Morning Reads: Sanders to Endorse Clinton

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders participate in the Univision News and Washington Post Democratic Presidential Primary Debate on in Miami in March. (Photo by Melina Mara/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Today’s the day –> Bernie Sanders is expected to endorse Hillary Clinton Tuesday at a joint campaign event in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. His decision comes after the Democratic Party adopted a platform that fell short of Sanders’ goals but still incorporated many of his policy proposals. At Time magazine, Sam Frizell argues that it made sense for Sanders to wait until the platform document was complete before making an endorsement.

One big platform victory for Sanders is the party’s support of a carbon tax. In 2009, Democrats pushed a cap-and-trade program that ultimately died in Congress. They’ve been leery of a price on carbon ever since. Rebecca Leber reports for Grist: “The draft language agreed to Sunday morning includes an endorsement to support ‘every tool available to reduce emissions now,’ which most significantly includes an endorsement for pricing carbon. ‘Democrats believe that carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse gases should be priced to reflect their negative externalities, and to accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy and help meet our climate goals,’ the draft reads. A carbon tax was part of Sanders’ big push on climate policy during the primary race, while Clinton has resisted calling for anything that can be misconstrued as a tax hike in an election year.”

“This killing, it has to stop” –> Dr. Brian Willians, a Dallas trauma surgeon who was working in the emergency room when the dead and wounded started arriving at Parkland Memorial Hospital on Thursday told CNN last night, “I don’t understand why people think its OK to kill police officers. I don’t understand why black men die in custody and they’re forgotten the next day. I don’t know why this has to be us against them. This is all really… it has to stop. We are all in this together, we are all connected. All this violence, all this hatred, all these disagreements, it impacts us all, whether you realize it or not. This is not the kind of world we want to leave for our children. Something has to be done.”

The Dallas Morning News reports that “at a memorial service Tuesday in Dallas for the police shooting victims, [President] Obama will reprise the all-too-familiar role of guiding the nation through troubled and uncertain times. Though he’s a veteran of such mourning, Obama faces no less difficult a challenge. He must speak directly to those affected by profound loss — in Dallas and beyond — in the midst of lingering questions over the polarizing issues of gun violence and race relations.”

UK’s new PM begins tomorrow –> David Cameron is holding his final cabinet meeting today and will vacate 10 Downing Street on Wednesday. He will be succeeded by Home Secretary Theresa May. The Guardian: “May will be Britain’s second female prime minister following a rapid ascent to the premiership that came after her sole remaining challenger, Andrea Leadsom, suddenly withdrew from the leadership race which had been expected to last nine weeks… Apart from deciding who will be in her cabinet, May’s most pressing tasks will be trying to unite the [Conservative] party after the battle over Brexit and preparing for the negotiations to leave the European Union.”

Florida is not enforcing the minimum wage –> Spencer Woodman at The Nation: “While [Florida attorney general Pam] Bondi has busied herself with courting Republican donors and waging a costly fight against marriage equality, she has apparently paid less attention to low-wage workers in the state seeking help from her office. In interviews, workers who went to her office seeking redress for having allegedly lost much-needed pay to their employers said Bondi’s office did little to nothing to help recover their wages. And Bondi’s own track record supports these claims. Despite federal data showing that employers in Florida cheat their workers out of millions of dollars a year, Bondi’s office — and by extension, the entire state of Florida — has not brought a single formal enforcement action against an employer in the state since 2011.”

Indiana’s a swing state? –> Former US Sen. Evan Bayh — a well-liked Indiana Democrat — has decied to run for the Senate once again, which could help Democrats win back the majority in the chamber. Bayh left six years ago, writing an op-ed in The New York Times decrying dysfunction and special-interest influence in Washington. He then became a lobbyist.

Republicans delay on gun control votes –> David Morgan and Richard Cowan for Reuters: “Prospects dimmed on Monday for the US House of Representatives to vote this week on Republican legislation to restrict gun sales to suspected extremists before Congress goes on a seven-week summer break. Republicans including House Speaker Paul Ryan have been under pressure to act on gun legislation since the June 12 mass shootings at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Congress begins a summer recess on Friday. But with the House floor schedule filling with other bills, Republicans said gun legislation was unlikely to come up before September, when prospects for serious action could be overshadowed by the fall presidential election campaign.”

Time for the GOP to draft a platform –> What that means, with the party so deeply divided — and with the presidential candidate unlikely to stay on script no matter what the platform writers decide — remains to be seen. The New York Times has obtained some excerpts.

Guess he changed his mind –> “I know her and she’d make a good president or good vice president.” —That’s Donald Trump in 2008 describing… Hillary Clinton.

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