A Hurricane by Any Other Name is Still…

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The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) identifies storms using a rotating list of first names. This year, for example, we could be in for a Hurricane Pablo, Rebekah or Sebastien. If these storms cause massive destruction — on the scale of what Sandy wrought last year — actual Pablos, Rebekahs and Sebastiens may feel less than appreciative of the WMO’s method.

350.org, the environmental activist group headed by Bill McKibben, has suggested an alternate method of identifying disastrous storms: Name them after the politicians who prevent action on climate change in Congress. That means we might see the Gulf Coast bracing for an onslaught by Hurricane David Vitter, or one of the other lawmakers called out by the group for their past statements denying climate change.

350.org has produced this video outlining their proposal:

Read more, or sign a petition to the WMO, at climatenamechange.org.

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