• August 4, 1992 | Listening to America
    Bill Moyers looks at the city of Atlanta. Despite the divisions within the city—rich and poor, black and white—people are coming together to work for a better community.
  • July 28, 1992 | Listening to America
    Focusing on Chicago, Bill Moyers explores firsthand how citizens are taking action to improve their communities.
  • June 30, 1992 | Listening to America
    Bill Moyers examines why America has become an unfriendly culture for children, and explores ways to rebuild a web of support for families.
  • June 9, 1992 | Listening to America
    Bill Moyers examines the politics of the environment and how choices Americans make now will determine our future.
  • May 26, 1992 | Listening to America
    Bill Moyers focuses examines how violence is affecting American life through a look at Dallas, Texas.
  • March 25, 1992 | Families First
    Bill Moyers explores the human services system in America as it works to help families stay together.
  • February 5, 1992 | Hate on Trial
    Bill Moyers investigates the facts and forces that led to the trial of Tom Metzger and his son John Metzger for inciting neo-Nazi skinheads to murder.
  • October 4, 1991
    In this 20-year compilation, Bill speaks to a wide range of people -- from average Americans to household names like David Rockefeller, Maya Angelou, Ronald Reagan and Joseph Campbell.
  • July 3, 1991
    Oren Lyons, Faithkeeper of the Turtle Clan of the Onondaga Nation, talks about the modern challenges of preserving Native American culture.
  • May 29, 1991 | The Home Front
    BIll Moyers examines domestic problems during the march to victory in the Persian Gulf War.