The ways in which a society behaves — how we acquire knowledge and beliefs and disseminate them through tradition, ritual, education and study — has always been a focus of Bill Moyers and his team. Their thoughtful approach to exploring American culture has been illustrated in a number of series and specials through the years, and continues to be on Moyers & Company.


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell during a news conference at Tiffany and Co. in New York, Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2013.  (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)
September 16, 2013 | Perspectives

The hugely profitable NFL is throwing its weight around to keep information about the dangerous side effects of concussions under wraps. Continue reading

September 13, 2013 | Moyers & Company

Dave Zirin offers a unique and provocative voice in the world of sports journalism showing how inextricably linked sports and politics are in our lives. Continue reading

September 13, 2013 | Moyers & Company

Dave Zirin, The Nation magazine’s first ever sports writer, joins Bill to discuss the collision of sports with politics and why it’s newsworthy. Also: An essay from Bill on a potential military strike in Syria. Continue reading

Extending gloved hands skyward in racial protest, U.S. athletes Tommie Smith, center, and John Carlos stare downward during the playing of the Star Spangled Banner after Smith received the gold and Carlos the bronze for the 200 meter run at the Summer Olympic Games in Mexico City on Oct. 16, 1968. (AP Photo/FILE)
September 13, 2013

In this excerpt from The John Carlos Story, the bronze-medal winner recounts what went through his mind before his racial protest at the 1968 Olympic Games. Continue reading

September 13, 2013 | Moyers & Company

The Nation’s sports editor questions whether taxpayer money should be spent to build new arenas in cities where public infrastructure dollars are scarce. Continue reading

Democratic mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio smiles during a rally in the Brooklyn borough of New York, Thursday, Sept. 12, 2013. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)
September 12, 2013 | Blog

New York mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio’s victory is an omen of what may become the defining story of America’s next political era: the challenge, to both parties, from the left. Continue reading

Free Barrett Brown posters posted online.
September 11, 2013 | Blog

How can a journalist face life in prison for posting a link? Blame the War on Terror. Continue reading

September 11, 2013 | Moyers & Company

This week on Moyers & Company, Dave Zirin on the ways in which sports stories reflect changing values in America. Watch the full show. Continue reading

Veterans and members of the armed services carry an over-sized American flag past the scoreboard at Fenway Park in Boston following Memorial Day ceremonies prior to the Boston Red Sox game against the Baltimore Orioles Monday, May 31, 2004. (AP Photo/Winslow Townson)
Updated September 11, 2013

In his forthcoming book, Andrew Bacevich reflects on a fourth of July celebration at a Red Sox game and what it tells us about the way Americans symbolically honor their troops. Continue reading

August 30, 2013 | Activism

Organizer Illai Kenney talks about the challenges that younger activists face in being heard in the modern civil rights movement, and the burdens and benefits of being young and black in America. Continue reading

Still from video.
August 27, 2013 | BillBoard, an environmental activist group, suggests naming disastrous storms after the politicians who prevent congressional action on climate change. Continue reading

Detroit Bankruptcy Sports
July 31, 2013 | Blog

Dave Zirin ponders how city leaders justify spending money on a new hockey arena over fixing city schools or restoring streetlights. Continue reading

July 22, 2013 | Moyers & Company

While visiting the spot of his 1963 March on Washington speech, Rep. John Lewis, along with Bill Moyers, conducts a spontaneous lesson in civil rights history. Continue reading

lewis preview
July 19, 2013 | Moyers & Company

Rep. John Lewis talks with Bill about his experience speaking at the 1963 March on Washington. Continue reading

July 19, 2013 | Moyers & Company

Baldemar Velásquez discusses the struggle to ensure fairness for American farmworkers, and Tom Diaz describes how self-defense and concealed-carry laws makes us more vulnerable to gun violence. Continue reading

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