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Bill Moyers on set at 'Moyers & Company' (Photo: Dale Robbins)
December 25, 2013 | Blog

A roundup of Bill’s ten most popular discussions and essays this year. Continue reading

Illustrations by Joe Fournier
December 24, 2013 | Blog

A roundup of readers’ favorite posts on our site this year. Continue reading

December 4, 2013 | Blog

We’re still living with those $80 billion across-the-board cuts from the sequester, and now they’re at it again. Continue reading

Abraham Lincoln takes the oath of office as the 16th president of the United States administered by Chief Justice Roger B. Taney in front of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., on March 4, 1861. (AP Photo)
October 21, 2013 | Blog

Thanks to an eleventh-hour settlement the US has supposedly escaped fiscal doomsday, but historian Bernard Weisberger writes that it feels more like a stay of execution than the end of a crisis. Continue reading

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nev. stands on the Senate steps on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2013. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)
October 16, 2013 | Blog

This was the latest in a string of battles in which the American economy was ultimately the loser. Now Democrats have the upper hand — if they don’t mess it up. Continue reading

October 16, 2013 | Blog

An interfaith group of approximately 150 clergy leaders, locked out workers and people of faith, marched on Capitol Hill yesterday to urge Congress to end the shutdown. Continue reading

Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, Dave Camp, Tom Graves
October 9, 2013 | Blog

Republicans claim that debt ceiling brinksmanship is a tactic employed by both parties, and historically that’s true. But this time it’s different. Here’s why. Continue reading

The Capitol in Washington is seen under an overcast sky at dawn. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File )
October 9, 2013 | Blog

The Conservative Action Project has played a background role in several high-profile political debates, including this month’s shutdown. Continue reading

Britain London Olympics 2012 Home Away
October 8, 2013 | Blog

Americans can’t take a stroll in a national park but Congress still can work out in their exclusive gyms (no towels though). Continue reading

John Boehner
October 8, 2013 | Blog

A round-up of some of the stories we’re reading this morning at Moyers & Company HQ. Continue reading

Budget Battle
October 7, 2013 | Blog

Lost in the discussion of the government shutdown is the millions of poor Americans — many of them children — who are hurt when the federal agencies stop functioning. Continue reading

Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., walks out of the Republican policy luncheon on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2012.  (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)
October 7, 2013 | Blog

The NYT reports that a who’s who of conservative activists headed by deep-pocketed funders have planned for months to trigger a budgetary showdown as a last-gasp effort to kill off Obamacare. Continue reading

Vladimir Putin
October 7, 2013 | Blog

A round-up of some of the stories we’re reading this morning at Moyers & Company HQ. Continue reading

Earns Northrop Grumman
October 4, 2013 | Blog

This week’s crisis of government means two crises for the private sector. Continue reading

October 4, 2013

Bill Moyers shares his thoughts on the shutdown and this week’s antics in Washington. Continue reading

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