Features related to catholicism

  • April 30, 2015

    Sister Simone Campbell and an interfaith coalition are working toward a federal budget that will better reflect shared values of fairness and compassion. Continue reading

  • December 17, 2013 | Updated December 18, 2013

    The Koch brothers “fund organizations that advance public policies that directly contradict Catholic teaching on a range of moral issues,” the group writes. Continue reading

  • December 11, 2012 | Money & Politics

    In this 2009 ‘Moyers Moment’, Bill and theologian Karen Armstrong discuss using compassion as a foundation for understanding both religion and wartime politics. Continue reading

  • August 24, 2012 | Moyers & Company

    On a road trip of faith and politics, American nuns spread the word: Paul Ryan’s budget would hurt those already struggling to make ends meet. Continue reading

  • August 24, 2012 | Moyers & Company

    Bill invites Sister Simone Campbell and Robert Royal to discuss faith, politics and Paul Ryan. Continue reading

  • June 22, 2012 | Nuns on the Bus

    A precursor to today’s “radical feminist nuns,” Sister Corita spread the good word through 1960s pop art. Continue reading

  • June 19, 2012 | Nuns on the Bus

    Sister Simone Campbell responds to Vatican criticism on The Colbert Report. Continue reading

  • April 20, 2012 | Moyers & Company

    The conservative columnist argues that President Obama is engaged in a “high stakes political fight” with Catholicism. Continue reading