Moyers Moments

Short, curated video clips from both classic and new Moyers broadcasts that are so memorable and meaningful that they deserved to be called out, enjoyed and easily shared.

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  • Anonymous

    Thank you for this oasis of sanity in a mad, mad, world!

  • Anonymous

    Way to go – as always substantive without being tedious or flippant sound-bitey.

  • goober

    too hard to join room

  • William

    Who – exactly – in the Administration sought additional funding to fully implement the online registration process? Who – exactly – in Congress stopped the request?

  • Ms. GlobeTrotter

    Do only men work at, or read, Moyers and Co.? Because your homepage
    makes it look that way… Pete Seeger, the Dalai Lama, George Lucas,
    Lawrence Lessig, Bill McKibben on Obama, Philip Seymour Hoffman, David
    Simon, more Pete Seeger, and a 3-part interview with Neil deGrasse
    Tyson. With the exception of one, even the ads on your homepage focus on men! There are a lot of interesting women out there doing
    really creative, socially responsible cool things and speaking out about politics and issues of social justice, political inequality, ethics, the environment, immigration etc. Please, find and cover their work as well.

  • Anonymous

    They have had MANY amazing women on this show and if not for Moyers and Company I wouldn’t have had the pleasure of learning about them and their exciting projects.
    Maybe this is an off week. I don’t have a problem with the quality of the programming and who they have as their guests weekly. These men deserve to be heard and highlighted, too. What they’re doing is happening now. I’m not saying the opposite, either.
    These are good people here and are open to suggestions. Why not just request to see more women instead of complaining…we have so much to do, fight against, rally for, to learn about & this is a bit of a time waster when it’s turned into another ISSUE.

  • Anonymous

    So good to hear again Maya Angelou comprehending evil and how good people can transmogrify evil into good. A suggestion for a future program: speaking to Joseph Heath, lead attorney in the Attica Inmates vs. NY case, and general consul to the Onondaga Nation combatting the “Doctrine of Discovery,” a remnant of a papal edict now embedded in U.S. law that prevents justice for American Indian nations and indigenous peoples world-wide. It has been refuted by the Quakers in Philadelphia, the Episcopal faith, and perhaps soon by the Unitarian Universalists.

  • a Stevenson

    Thanks Bill for your diligent efforts to always present the truth on issues.