For the past two years, Moyers & Company has been exploring — and exposing — the most influential corporate-funded political force most of us have never heard of: ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council. A national consortium of state politicians and powerful corporations, ALEC presents itself as a “nonpartisan public-private partnership”. But behind that mantra lies a vast network of corporate lobbying and political action aimed to increase corporate profits at public expense without public knowledge… one state house at a time. Learn more with the features, tools, and links found here.

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  • Jake

    keep up the good work

  • jjansch

    Thank you for informing us of this organization. Grass roots businesses that help the country, I think I’ll donate.

  • Robert Roth

    Dear Bill:
    Your show today, 6/23 was like telling a joke and leaving out the punch line. You mentioned all these contributions by corporations and implied that the money was spent entertaining legislators. I suspect that only a small portion is spent for this purpose and most goes toward campaign contributions.
    The result is that the legislators represent the big corporate contributors instead of their constituents. Besides state’s legislators, it is the basic problem with members of Congress. It all goes back to Citizen’s United. The force of money is irresistible.
    Bob Roth
    Juno Beach, FL

  • Waco NE

    I seen follow up on ALEC and in your remarks at the end of the program about how our congressman and legislators are working more for big corparations. You said something about how it has changed from the 1970,s to the 1980,s. I had done a report about how our pollitions were being inflouanced by big corporations in 1979 for pollical sience. the report never did get finished because of the things I was finding out made me stop. I have yet to become a registed voter and I doubt that I ever will be. It has come to the point of not the person but the corporations you are voting on.

  • Maryz

    Thanks for the update and reminder about the world of ALEC. This must be kept front and center, especially now that it’s changing its title.

  • Scotty
  • Alice Lynn

    How can I find out what Oregon legislators are members of ALEC? I watched yesterday’s show and think a link was mentioned. Keep the heat on ALEC and let us know how to get the news out to the general public who might not watch your show.

  • Melissa D Meadows

    Bill how can I find out which cell phone companies contribute to ALEC. I know Sprint and AT&T and Verizon are on the list. Do you have a list? Thanks

  • Melissa D Meadows

    Lok on his site IS your State Legislature is a contributor to ALEC. I found two which are Republicans over I believe by Lane County and they are women

  • Alice Lynn

    Thank you, Melissa. Guess what I’m going to do after I sign off. :-)

  • Douglass Merrell

    I contacted all of the Washington State Legislators reported to be affiliated with ALEC and so far I have received the following response from one of them:

    I have not belonged for a long time and have never been to a conference.

    12th Legislative District
    Washington State Senate Majority Coalition Caucus Chair
    Phone: (360) 786-7622

  • randy

    Bill Moyers has gotten self-righteousness, religion, God? This is LBJ’s guy complicit and supportive of the death and maiming of hundreds of thousands of people in Vietnam: Americans and Vietnamese. Legislators going to conferences and events sponsored by political advocates is surprising? Who is paying for all of these Congressional member trips to the Middle East? Why isn’t he have umbrage over that legitimate political advocacy. His Campbell work was great. He is now in his dotage,

  • Sheila Decter

    You might find useful this great commentary from Ellen Bravo of Families Value At Work on the issue of ALEC, the Restaurant Association, and the technique of preemption, one of the latest ways ALEC is working to prevent communities from taking progressive action.

    Sheila Decter: Jewish Alliance for Law & Social Action


  • Carol Reger

    Recently on PBS there was a book discussed titled ‘The Metropolitan Revolution’ by Jennifer Bradley & Bruce Katz. They described how corporations were partnering with cities & some states across the country to get things done. Since you have exposed ALEC at the state legislative level, it would be expected that ALEC would try to continue in other ways. Could the movement described in this book be ALEC in sheep’s clothing? I have not read the book, only going by comments made in the interview with the authors.

  • Bob Janz

    Credo does not support ALEC or the rest of the Fascist Corporate Plutocrats

  • Clinton Freeman

    ALEC isn’t going to START trying to control municipalities, because they ALREADY DO. This book represents the philosophy that is the GOAL of the supporters of ALEC. (i.e. destroy Federal regulations that limit their activities and exploit the vulnerabilities of modern day “company towns” and plantation economies.

  • Julia Kahrl

    I don’t know whether ALEC is involved in the attacks state by state on women’s reproductive rights. If not ALEC, then some similar organization. Recent actions in Texas, Ohio, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and more states would indicate that there is a similar hand involved. Yet, this issue gets scanty attention anywhere, unless the woman is wearing pink running shoes.

  • K. Cummins

    It’s called Americans United for Life — It’s the group that is behind the drive to restrict a woman’s reproductive rights. shows the blueprint legislation that is being used. This group should also be exposed for what they are. It’s outrageous.

  • Bruce Slater

    Would not alec, and lobbyists in general, be in violation of the Hobbs act?

  • why ?

    why don’t more people know about ALEC ? How can the people get more fimular? What ‘ORG’. can help fight these traders that have in filtertrated into our goverment and to our constituation and bill of rights…you know the one that says ‘equal rights’ to all….

  • jan heaton

    We comunicate with words -now pictures/digits-etc. FCC handed all control [not on a wire] to Federal trade commision- for sales–_**RESPECT and any rules/controls of John Q Publics airways has disapeared along with our land elements since fracking- SO–What do “WE OWN?” Air Space-NOT–Sold to the highest bidder ! Our taxable propertiy rate- goes up EVEN AS VALUE DIMINISHES! Our natural gas torn from our land is exported as our water and farms are poisoned! Warren Buffets buy of “Lincoln Electric”looked good untill he had his trains carrying tons of fracked wated accross the country. a grey eagle

  • One who knows

    I have charged ALEX as a sham with the FBI and the Treasury Dept. They are nothing but a front for corporate lobbyist. AZ1070 was written at the ALEX conference in New Orleans by the corporate prison industry. ALEX should not have a non-profit 501-c rating.

  • Ginny

    Oh yeah, I’ve heard of these guys. They make sure that our legislators are in line with their agendas.