Think you know who’s really controlling what you see and hear in the media? Think again. In a political fight worthy of a great drama, internet providers, media moguls and their lobbyists are making a power play to control and profit from the public airwaves while ignoring the public interest.

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  • James Stimson

    I request that the FCC refuse to change Media-ownership rules. Please Mr. Genachowski think of Chicago, think of the Trib, think of Mike Royko’s views don’t do anything to let theTrib fall into R. Murdoch’s hands. When Mike heard Murdoch bought The Sun Times he was dealt a big emotional blow…he was quoted “that a Murdoch paper was not fit to wrap fish in” that was true back then and it is true today…stop any change to Media- ownership rules for the love of Mike!!!! James Stimson

  • Jim

    I want the FCC to not give Murdoch anymore Stations. Give it to the a small new young owner with new ideas.

  • Larry Barkan

    Bill, you are the Edward R. Murrow of our age. You must never retire (again). There is no one to replace you.

  • Georgina Johnson

    I want the FCC to not allow a few corporations to have control of the media. We need more independent new media so the main stations start doing their job instead sending fear of problems to come.

    Our politicians need to follow our constitution and the voters wishes and work together on a solution to balance the budget. The very rich have to pay their fair share like everyone and we cannot borrow more from the future or we will end up like Spain and other European countries.

  • Pat G

    We desperately need to have ALL the monopolies broken up! That includes the media. It should be owned by hundreds- if not thousands- of independent owners. NOT 6! Here in San Diego, there is only 1 lousy newspaper- and I do mean lousy. It is the most partisan one-sided piece of junk imaginable. And all talk radio available is equally 1-sided and extremely partisan and shrill. Clearchannel saw to it that the only opposing program airing progressive talk radio- was shut down by them years ago and converted to sports radio. The people’s voice has been shut down and we desperately need to force the expansion to all voices by breaking up the monopolies. Where do we turn?

  • Dean

    would be safegaurded against these giant conglomerants that produce unconstitutional
    monopolys that use their infuence to undermine WE THE PEOPLE.

  • Dean


  • ML

    Mr.Genachowski, I firmly request the FCC to refuse any change to the Media-ownership rules. The public must be informed. Public discussions must be open and transparent. Mr. Genachowski please do not make decisions secretly behind closed doors. This is not democracy. Where are the Anti-Trust Laws that safeguard against these situations to protect Democracy in America? Mr. Genachowski what is your agenda into thinking this would be good for America?

  • ML

    Thank you Mr. Moyers for all your work! Also, I would like to thank Mr. Sanders for an interesting and informative conversation with Mr. Moyers.

  • jack

    In southern Calif the public schools and the news media(t.v. radio newspapers) have been in the toilet, since the late 1950’s and really became a cesspool during the Clinton administration so Alec or inaction by the FCC is OLD news in the Ghetto

  • CD

    In Canada a few years ago we allowed big business to consolidate their interests in newspapers, tv, radio, phones and internet. This consolidation has very much so stifled free speech and allowed corporations that want to direct their efforts to squelch balanced news reporting to push their very for profit corporate outlook on life.

    If it doesn’t make a profit it has no meaning in modern Canada. It’s very similar to what the Nazis did in Germany prior to their takeover. Governments because they get a lot of their funding from the private sector are then beholden to them. America and Canada need to speak up to those wreckers of democracy and storm their corporate doors. Even these corporations wouldn’t like the world that will be created from the lack of free speech because of corporate over consolidation of our nation’s news media.

  • Geraldine Hamtil Cassidy

    My/ memory is fuzzy on this, but wasn’t Michael Powell chairman of the FCC when this happened before? So I was surprised that the Obama administration is quietly aiming at a repeat performance. I am definitely opposed to media monopolies.

  • mukilteomom

    Stop the consolidation of the media. How can we make intelligent decisions when we are bombared by a media that only allows for one side to be presented. Where is the discussion of issues?

  • PJSlater

    In our money culture, do people really want less choice? All that needs to happen for bad things to happen is for people of good will to do nothing. Letting corp. America take over the airwaves has already happened; I will add my voice

  • Ron888

    When the G.W. Bush guy in the FCC made this proposal in a public meeting, the public’s response was a resounding NO! Senator Obama chided Bush for being out of touch with America. Now President Obama, knowing full-well the public sentiment, tries to foist the same thing upon the American people in a much less public manner. I suspect that this is not the last unsavory flip-flop we will see from President Obama over the course of his second term.

  • Anonymous

    I expected way too much from Obama but I remember, but can’t find, Bush saying he made certain the next President would not be able to make changes. How could he do that? Buy off congress? Seems to be so.