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Bill Moyers has produced hundreds of hours of television in his forty-plus year career. Watch this space for new archived video and transcripts on an on-going basis. For a complete list of every Bill Moyers program, view our timeline of productions.
  • This two-hour documentary provides a close look at five ecosystems around the world, and describes the impact of human activity on the environment as well as the kind of behavioral changes that can restore it. But the time for change is running out. (2001) Continue reading

  • A two-hour special report on how chemical companies have collaborated to keep from American workers and the American public the full truth about the impact of chemicals on health and safety. The report is based on documents never before published and interviews with historians, scientists, and physicians who are exploring how chemicals affect the human body. (2001) Continue reading

  • In this series, Bill Moyers travels across the country from hospitals to hospices to homes to capture some of the most intimate stories ever filmed and the most candid conversations ever shared with a television audience. (2000) Continue reading

  • The dramatic story of two blue-collar Milwaukee families over two decades. As they struggle to find their place in the new economy, living from paycheck to paycheck through good times and bad, the Neumanns and Stanleys confront choices for themselves and their families that have far-reaching consequences for the American way of life. (2000) Continue reading

  • The filmmaker discusses his efforts to tell old myths in new ways, the role of faith in his life and the influence of his mentor, Joseph Campbell. (1999) Continue reading

  • Bill Moyers and key legal and public interest advocates examine how industries with deep pockets use their access to the media to overwhelm the public debate, from North Carolina’s hog industry to the defeat of the McCain Tobacco Bill to the passage of the Telecom Act of 1996. (1999) Continue reading

  • A visit to the Dodge Poetry Festival, featuring readings by US Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky, Amiri Baraka, Stanley Kunitz, Coleman Barks, Lucille Clifton, Lorna Dee Cervantes and other leading poets. (1999) Continue reading

  • Bill Moyers talks with Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who has been a tireless voice for justice and racial reconciliation. In 1984, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his role in the struggle against apartheid. (1999) Continue reading

  • This compelling program describes the efforts of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) to investigate human rights violations, to heal the country, and to help South Africa in its process of reinvention. (1999) Continue reading

  • In a five-part series, Bill Moyers reports on how substance abuse has affected millions of Americans, including his own family, and examines the science, treatment and politics of addiction. (1998) Continue reading

  • Bill Moyers and filmmaker David Grubin give viewers a rare glimpse into dancer/choreographer Bill T. Jones’s highly acclaimed dance, ‘Still/Here.’ (1997) Continue reading