Preview: What Are We Doing in Syria?

On this week’s Moyers & Company, Phil Donahue, filling in for Bill Moyers, speaks with National Public Radio Middle East correspondent Deborah Amos, and historian and Vietnam veteran Andrew Bacevich about the possible repercussions of our actions in the Middle East.

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  • Roq

    PHIL!!! :) Yay – awesome guest host.

  • Bruce Green

    I hope he will cover the sense of moral response to heinous actions. I do not want a war but I do not want another holocaust.

  • Anonymous

    The United States can’t and shouldn’t go it alone. Hi Phil, great to see you!

  • ljc

    Hearing the president say “I believe the United States should take military action…” gives me the same sick to my stomach feeling I got when Bush said..”you’re either with us, or you’re on the side of the Taliban…”

  • Calvin Pipher

    it has nothing to do with made up stuff. this is real. its a very tough call either way and we have to watch out that israel doesnt start anything.

  • leticia cadelina

    Welcome Phil. Nice to hear your voice. I listened to you for many years. Awesome!

  • Joris Heise

    I have appreciated Phil Donahue since Centerville and the bell tower. He does pursue the truth and the background truth with courage, inner courage, and I hope that his efforts prove a true and fruitful way to go.

  • Anonymous

    BRILLIANT thinking DC. Thanks for shouting out!

  • Anonymous

    Doing “nothing” in the way of not getting into another war fiasco is doing something. Its telling the world that we are not its janitor or mortician.
    And if we as “individuals” want to do something … contact Sweden’s govt. officials and offer to pay to help them open their country up to the refugees.

  • Anonymous
  • Strawman411

    The way I read it is that he was pushed off MSNBC because he wouldn’t join the lemmings in the generalized, yer-fer-us-or-agin-us, post-9/11 war fever.

    It still gives me the shivers when I remember the blood lust in friends’ eyes during that time.

  • Anonymous

    … you are too kind.

    I just hope that some day we find out the REAL reason that they are covering up with fake “morality.” It almost certainly has to do with getting close to the Iranian border.

  • Anonymous

    I hear everyone saying, “but what’s the right answer…?”

    I think it is pretty damn simple, actually:


    Let us ALL AGREE that the use of chemical weapons is inhumane and unacceptable, no matter WHO does it.

    Instead of bombing one of the possible violators and killing others with the collateral damage and the attendant chaos, …
    … let us GO AFTER the PROBLEM: that is the proliferation of such weapons themselves.

    SO, let us, together with other nations RESOLVE to:

    1- actively go after and SHUT DOWN all manufacturers of Chemical Weapons, and

    2- prosecute those who have profited from the manufacture, distribution, training, sale and use of these demonic devices.

    SIMPLE, eh??! Go after the PROBLEM, not the SYMPTOM — IF you are serious…

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Of course there is probably no chance in hell that the USA and other prominent nations would agree to do this, as,

    1- The REAL reasons they want to fight with Syria are completely different ( the “morality” part is completely bogus, as the U.S. has often used such weapons before), but they won’t say so, and,

    2- too many of their buddies (if not colleagues) are in the very profitable chem bomb biz.