Preview: The Pope, Poverty and Poetry

In just a few months, Pope Francis, the first in history to take the name of the patron saint of the poor, has proven to be one of the most outspoken pontiffs in recent history, especially when it comes to the widening gap between the rich and poor. This week on Moyers & Company Bill talks to author and historian Thomas Cahill to get his perspective on what Pope Francis could achieve during his papacy and why he has some conservatives up in arms.

Also on the broadcast, poet Philip Levine joins Bill to discuss why Americans have lost sight of the working-class Americans with whom he worked side-by-side on the assembly lines of Detroit’s auto plants — and inspired several of his poems. Described by one critic as “a large, ironic Whitman of the industrial heartland,” Philip Levine recently served as the nation’s poet laureate at the Library of Congress.

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  • NotARedneck

    Pope Francis, despite the constant promotion of him as some sort of positive agent of change in the church, is most likely too little, too late.

    The right wingers still control nearly all “successful” (as in bringing in the big bucks) religious groups and those who really believe in the teachings of Jesus and other positive religious messages, have, for the most part, moved on.

    Too much baggage to carry to make a positive contribution to modern society.

  • Anonymous

    Your assertion that right wingers “still control nearly all … religious groups is your belief, but you offer no facts, just your opinion. Assuming you are right, a recent poll states that 87 percent of Catholics believe that the Pope is the right pace of change, such a groundswell ought to demand change among so-called right wing groups assuming you are correct (which you have provided no proof other than your prejudice).

  • StvenC

    There’s so much cynicism unleashed whenever I hear this new Pope discussed! Rome wasn’t built in a day — it won’t be changed overnight — but for goodness’ sake, help him, don’t harass him!

  • NotARedneck

    Pope John died in June 1963. Right wingers have been in charge since then and the Catholic church has become like the British navy – buggery and the lash.

    50 years in recent decades is like 500 years in the past. With respect to all right wing, self serving religious groups, the world has moved on. People who really want to improve things are no longer looking to the most profitable religious groups as an outlet to their decent, intelligent far sighted ideas. Such organizations are only there to make right wing criminal scum feel better about their decisions. That is why they have such large parking lots and so much money to give to right wing criminal trash politicians.

  • Mark Wendland

    Looks like a great interview. I’m especially looking forward to it. As a Protestant, Francis has me just about ready to convert. :)

  • B Archuleta

    Goes against the ‘the prosperity faith movement’ of the Charismatics huh …