Preview: The Path of Positive Resistance

Between them, doctors Jill Stein and Margaret Flowers have been arrested nine times. In the face of injustice in America, rather than look the other way and stick to practicing medicine, they decided to do something about it.

Stein and Flowers serve as president and secretary of health, respectively, for the Green Shadow Cabinet, a group of 100 prominent scientists who speak out against dysfunctional government and offer alternative policies. Each fights against political corruption and a host of grievances that that have led many people to cynicism and despair.

This week on Moyers & Company, Bill Moyers speaks with Stein and Flowers about their personal journeys, what they have learned about our political system along the way and why they continue to fight the good fight.

Also on the broadcast, Bill reports back on viewer response to our recent segments on drone attacks and government surveillance and previews the new film Following the Ninth, a documentary exploring the worldwide cultural and political influence of Beethoven’s masterpiece, the Ninth Symphony and its majestic “Ode to Joy.”

Learn more about the production team behind Moyers & Company. Watch the full show »

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  • Anonymous

    Yes! The Green Shadow Cabinet may not have all the coverage and bells & whistles “bestowed” by the mainstream media, but it provides probably THE most innovative, sensible, sane, sustainable, and downright SENSIBLE thinking and ideas this nation has produced in decades.

    For ONCE, we have people-centered thinking and proposed solutions that is DIVORCED from the ever-tricky, ever-phony corporate “bottom line” syndrome that always says: “ME First!”

    Corporate-think is not just poor societal strategy, it is highly-distorted, malicious and devious strategizing that sees illness and death as accounting problems.

    We need a Green New Deal and a Shadow Cabinet as much as we need clean fresh air (BTW, another substance endangered by corporate-“think”).

  • Carey Campbell

    Thank you for having these two Green Party leaders on the show. We need a full slate of 435 Green Party candidates for U.S. House of Representatives in 2014, and 33 Green Party candidates for U.S. Senate.
    We need to make Doctors Stein, and Flowers, and the Green Party the third major party in the U.S.

  • David Petrovich

    Margaret is NOT a member of the Green Party. She publically supports NO political party and remains independent of political affiliation. The Green Shadow Cabinet may have many members of the Green Party, but it, too, is independent and not affiliated with The Green Party.

  • Anonymous

    A good model – when one is an indy one is free to consider without fear or favor, what are the best policies for we the people and who are the folks who will pursue them – team logos are distractions and lead one astray, ISTM …

  • Carey Campbell

    Thanks David. A curious distinction.

  • Anonymous

    Wow advocate22 I just love this statement “Corporate-think is not just poor societal strategy, it is highly-distorted, malicious and devious strategizing that sees illness
    and death as accounting problems”. May I quote you or if you do not want to be quoted may I use your statement and attribute it as anonymous?