Preview: The Deep State Hiding in Plain Sight

Just announced: This week, Mike Lofgren, a congressional staff member for 28 years, joins Bill to talk about what he calls Washington’s “Deep State,” in which elected and unelected figures collude to protect and serve powerful vested interests. Lofgren is the author of The Party is Over: How Republicans Went Crazy, Democrats Became Useless, and the Middle Class Got Shafted.

“It is, I would say, the red thread that runs through the history of the last three decades. It is how we had deregulation, financialization of the economy, the Wall Street bust, the erosion or our civil liberties and perpetual war,” Lofgren tells Bill.

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  • Anonymous

    I agree with that and it was all during the Bush administration that most happened. President Obama is ending wars and that is wonderful. He is trying and Democrats are trying but the GOP is demented and they won’t be changing any time soon.

  • Dereck Cram

    Frightening and intriguing. Glad I stayed up to watch.

  • Santiago Alemedia

    Lofgren really nails it. Both political parties are Wall Street servants.