Preview: Lawrence Lessig’s March to End Corruption

This week on Moyers & Company, a special report on a two-week, 185-mile trek through the winter cold in New Hampshire, led last month by constitutional scholar and activist Lawrence Lessig, to raise awareness of the crippling problem of corruption in American politics.

“If you think about every single important issue America has to address. If you’re on the right and you care about tax reform or addressing the issues of the deficit. On the left if you care about climate change or real health care reform. Whatever the issue is, if you look at the way our system functions right now you have to see that there will be no sensible reform given the way we fund campaigns,” Lessig says.

Inspired by Doris “Granny D” Haddock’s march across America, Lessig says his movement, New Hampshire Rebellion, is encouraging voters to ask all the presidential candidates who soon will be haunting the Granite State: How are you going to end the system of corruption in Washington?

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  • Jon Carry

    The Democrats are going to lead a fight against corruption?! That is hysterical!

  • Spirit Equality

    Nothing in this article says that the Democrats are leading anything.

  • mrnodough

    No publicans or demos are going to do anything but what they been doing for decades, selling we the people and our assets off to the highest bidder the 1%.

  • Mark Franklin

    We have tried before to restrict campaign contributions. Money always finds a way past these restrictions. The alternative is to change the way we conduct elections, reducing the need for such large sums.
    Proportional representation of states in congress, with votes cast for parties instead of for individuals, would require no change in the constitution, could be worked for state by state, and would remove from individuals the need to raise money except as needed to become the candidates of their parties. Such a change would also abolish safe seats, thus making term limits unnecessary, and would make third party candidacies feasible, removing the two-party monopoly in congress.
    A campaign to introduce proportional representation could unite those appalled by the role of money in congressional elections with those who want term limits and those who want to see more choice in elections.
    The change would not affect presidential elections, but let’s take this one step at a time.

  • IMBankrupt II

    If you’re going to play the ‘party bashing card’, you have come to the wrong game. This is not a partisan issue (i.e., wealth disparity), it’s an American issue. If you support the accumulation of wealth into fewer and fewer hands, the one dollar per vote philosophy or the notion that winners take all, you should find another platform for your cynicism and poor humor. This comment board is intended for those of us that cherish the ‘founding principles’ of the good ole US of A.

  • IMBankrupt II

    This comment board is intended for those of us that cherish the ‘founding principles’ of the good ole US of A. No ‘party bashing’ allowed. OH! And please don’t use those bad names ‘hateful’ folks seem to use.