Preview: How People Power Generates Change

With our democracy threatened by plutocrats and the politicians in their pockets more than ever, the antidote to organized money is organized people. It takes time and effort, but across the country, grass roots democracy is growing. Individuals are banding together, organizing toward common goals and demanding change – and often delivering it. On this week’s encore broadcast of Moyers & Company, we’ll meet three organizers leading the way.

Marshall Ganz is a social movement legend who dropped out of Harvard to become a volunteer during Mississippi’s Freedom Summer of 1964. He then joined forces with Cesar Chavez of the United Farmworkers, protecting workers who picked crops for pennies in California’s fields and orchards. Ganz also had a pivotal role organizing students and volunteers for Barack Obama’s historic 2008 presidential campaign. Now 70, he’s still organizing across the United States and the Middle East, and back at Harvard, teaching students from around the world about what it takes to beat Goliath.

Later on the broadcast, economic equality advocates Rachel Laforest, executive director of Right to the City, and Madeline Janis, co-founder and national policy director of Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy, discuss with Bill how social action can change both policy and lives. Janis led the fight for a living wage in Los Angeles; LaForest fights for fair and affordable housing across the country.

Watch a preview of the show above, and also see a special extended clip in which Marshall Ganz challenges the notion of the ‘free market’ as an effective way to address our economic, political, and moral issues.

Learn more about the production team behind Moyers & Company. Watch the full show »

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  • Carmen Basilovecchio

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  • Doug Lamy

    ok, but will someone remember that people act strange in groups- echoes of “the human zoo” that desmond morris wrote in the seventies are recalled and that doctor[starts with a Z] analyzed about abu ghreb[sp] guard abuses……..maybe a constant parade, not a flash in the pan.