Preview: Dark Money in Politics

On the next Moyers & Company, Bill talks with historian Thomas Frank, author of the bestseller What’s the Matter With Kansas?, about the power of concentrated money to subvert democracy, and shrewdly successful moves by the rich and powerful to redirect public anger and rewrite reality. How does a society built on democratic ideals allow them to become so corrupted? Frank’s most recent book is Pity the Billionaire.

Also on the show, Bill talks with Mother Jones editors Clara Jeffery and Monika Bauerlein, who continue to throw light on what they call “dark money” —  the conspiracy of cash that allows the rich to influence our most fundamental political freedoms. Bill also calls out some of the biggest super PAC donors, revealing how easy it is for the wealthy one percent to sway an election.

Watch a short preview of the show above. Also watch Bill and Frank talking about the friendly Congressional faces who greeted JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon when he appeared before the Senate Banking Committee on Wednesday.

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  • Mona

    Thomas Frank, author of the bestseller What’s the Matter With Kansas?  this book came to mind after your recent telecast of the Haidt interview.   thanks. 

  • Suzyq3

    Absolutely true.  Look at Denny Rehberg.  Please don’t vote for him.

  • Guest

    What to do if our land, house it targeted for extortion-stealing due to political, public juditial-legal corruption? We lost all our life savings trying to defend our property rights in Civil Court where we were send to by local polititians after Developer who recently bought his property next to us demanded that we must give all our land to him as” a gift “and walk away from our home that we own for 15 years,paid mortgages, property tax and put our savings into.
    Local Department of Buildings officials approved construction 4 times to take over our land by Developer and send inspectors to tell us that Court will grant our property by deed to Developer. Court denied our preliminary injunction when opposition did not submit even an answer.Our Judge was named as corrupt by Daily News in 2008. Attorneys that we hired took our money and run away with our thousands of dollars that should be spend on defence of our property. After our preliminary enjunction was denied our oppposition filed new case against us about the same property that already was in the same Court! The new case demand on the Court restrain us forever from our own property for use, occupancy, enjoiment by Developer! Also we must be restrain from speaking, living in our home, complain to all known law enforcement,remove our security cameras,forbidden to take pictures and pay to Developer 1,5 Million dollars for damages(?). We were harassed, assaulted ,out life’s treatened, our property vandalised but police and other law enforcements done nothing for 2 years. Finally police arrested us on false accusations for 7 years going to the prison. We had security cameras and our charges based on policeman lied under oath were dismissed. Police officer was indicted by DA. But people who organized all of this just before the Court date still announcing that we are criminals and demanding our property.Developer under full stop work order finished all illigal dangerous construction that is treat to all neiboghood and moved in under full stop work order! Now it is final extortion push and as we understand developer must sell his construction with our land for better profit!This is compleately lawless for us and full impression that we are living not in any Democratic Country but in the Country where it is no basic Huma, Civil, constitutional rights exist! We understand it as Corruption took all this rights away from us.What to do? Crime of real property extortion-stealing is named falsely as Civil dispute and we are intrapted for being forsed to give away all our life savings fooling ourselves that Civil corrupt Court will protect our property from crime,falsifications, fraud,treats,vandalism. but it is not happening. We do not need to be in Court because we have our deed, survay and done nothing to deserve all our life saving to be gone because real property extortions -stealings as well as all other crimes like banks robberry, car stealings and others must be investigated and stoped by law enforcements! Crime is not for disputes especcialy in Civil Courts!Please, suggest to us anything to save us because we are living in Lawless America!

  • Darkseducer

    Where are you sir? I will come and help you fight! I know people that will make this developers life a living hell just as he has yours. Reading your letter made me so angry I could scream! Please let us know where you are.

  • Dark seducer

    Call the American Civil Liberties Union. I take it you are not from this country, your english seems a bit borken. But as long as you are here legally they will help you fight this. As I said in my previous reply let me know where you are and the name of the developer. If what you are saying is true we will not allow this to continue without a fight,