Preview: Dark Money in Politics

On the next Moyers & Company, Bill talks with historian Thomas Frank, author of the bestseller What’s the Matter With Kansas?, about the power of concentrated money to subvert democracy, and shrewdly successful moves by the rich and powerful to redirect public anger and rewrite reality. How does a society built on democratic ideals allow them to become so corrupted? Frank’s most recent book is Pity the Billionaire.

Also on the show, Bill talks with Mother Jones editors Clara Jeffery and Monika Bauerlein, who continue to throw light on what they call “dark money” —  the conspiracy of cash that allows the rich to influence our most fundamental political freedoms. Bill also calls out some of the biggest super PAC donors, revealing how easy it is for the wealthy one percent to sway an election.

Watch a short preview of the show above. Also watch Bill and Frank talking about the friendly Congressional faces who greeted JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon when he appeared before the Senate Banking Committee on Wednesday.

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