BILL MOYERS: Fit this all together for me. What does the suffering of the Native American on the Pine Ridge Reservation have to do with the unemployed coal miner in West Virginia have to do with the inner-city African American in Camden have to do with the single man working for m-- minimum wage or less in Immokalee, Florida? What ties that all together?

CHRIS HEDGES: Greed. It's greed over human life. And it's the willingness on the part of people who seek personal enrichment to destroy other human beings. That's a common thread. And I think when you use the word "complicit," it's true. We -- in that biblical term -- we forgot our neighbor. And because we forgot our neighbor in Pine Ridge, because we forgot our neighbor in Camden, in Southern West Virginia, in the produce fields, these forces have now turned on us. They went first, and we're next.

Preview: Chris Hedges on Capitalism’s ‘Sacrifice Zones’

In this preview video from the next Moyers & Company, journalist Chris Hedges talks about the common cause behind America’s “sacrifice zones” — places, as Hedges writes, where “the belief that we have a divine right to resources, land, and power, and a right to displace and kill others to obtain personal and national wealth, has left in its wake a trail of ravaged landscapes and incalculable human suffering.”

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  • Vinicius de Mello

    Presently, Chicago Public Schools have sacrifice zones known as the poor neighborhood schools. The poorest and neediest schools that teach all students, especially those “counseled out” of charter schools are told they will get less money and resources than the year before. 166 schools do not have a certified librarian and library.  The CPS educational plan was built under the guidance of the Chicago Civic Club,  is a corporate business plan and not a sound educational plan. The corporate business plan, because it is not based on qualitative educational research and done behind closed doors, wastes so much money. This practice in school districts is not isolated. It was documented in NYC by the Schott Foundation.  Stand up and organize! 

  • Emi0605

    I’m watching this episode now.  Must viewing for all compassionate, thoughtful Americans, all citizen’s of the planet who value their own humanity to such an extent that they want the same for EVERYONE.  These are the real issues.  I am moved and willing to join others to raise up the least of us. Expose, resist, stop convenient blindness to these truths and the atrocities that are met upon others as a result of the uncaring (I struggle for a strong enough descriptor) clawing for things, and irresponsible power.   I’ll be looking for  such opportunities.  
    Elaine Miller

  • Anonymous

    It breaks my heart to see so many human beings thrown away like garbage. Thank you Bill and Chris for telling it like it is. Americans need to hear and see this travesty of social justice and humanity.

  • RiversideTenor

    This is scary, I wish more people would listen to this.