Preview: Chaos in Iraq

The escalating bloodbath in Iraq has triggered renewed debate on how muscular America’s foreign policy should be. Earlier today, Iraq requested that the US launch air strikes against jihadist militants who over the past week have taken control of several key cities. President Obama also is set to discuss the crisis in Iraq with senior members of Congress.

This week, Bill speaks with combat veteran and historian Andrew Bacevich about the events unfolding in Iraq and what they say about America’s role in the world.

In a poll released Tuesday, 74 percent of Americans said they supported President Obama’s decision, announced last week, that he will not send US ground forces back into Iraq. Obama has not yet made a decision about attacking insurgents through airstrikes, but some neoconservatives lament that our “world order shows signs of cracking, and perhaps collapsing,” thanks to Obama’s inclination to engage less in other countries, Bacevich sees things differently.

“If Americans appear disinclined to have a go at overthrowing Syria’s Assad or at restoring the Crimea to Ukranian control, it’s due to their common-sense assessment of what US policy in very recent years has produced,” Bacevich recently wrote. Our foreign policy in Iraq has “destabilized much of the greater Middle East while exacerbating anti-Americanism across the Islamic world.”

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