Preview: Big Money, Big Media, Big Trouble

Big money and big media have coupled to create a ‘Disney World’ of democracy in which TV shows, televised debates, even news coverage is being dumbed down, resulting in a public less informed than it should be, says Marty Kaplan, director of USC’s Norman Lear Center and an entertainment industry veteran. In this encore episode of Moyers & Company, Bill Moyers talks with Kaplan about how taking news out of the journalism box and placing it in the entertainment box is hurting democracy and allowing special interest groups to manipulate the system.

Later on the show, Bill talks about ongoing controversial comments by Florida Rep. Allen West (R-FL) and shocking modern-day McCarthyism. Wasn’t this lesson already learned?

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  • Craig Loftin

    As always, spot on Bill! Thanks! And the only ones who benefit is the #Corporate media and their #WallStreet #Shareholders…  @BillMoyers:twitter #p2

  • Jane Bennett

    This is a shocking revelation and needs to be viewed by all in the US.  Knowledge of  facts will save the people’s right to have the truth and see what has and is happening. Thank you. 

  • Jack W. Scott

    Thanks Bill, we’re finally starting to get to the influence of the media on the American public.  These criticisms are correct, now let’s go farther and face the fact that the American people have their political views formed and shaped by television.  At last, one day people in the media will reveal that Los Angeles currently controls America with all it’s pervasive propaganda, not just political ads, but in all the dramas, comedies, and news, too.  From the statements from the First Family I’ve concluded that Obama is conscious of this power that the Entertainment Empire has, and would rather have it for himself.  Naturally it’s a difficult course for the President, trying to please L.A. so he can get elected while trying to steal their political power at the same time!  Solution?  It will be interesting to see what Obama will do when he wins his final election and doesn’t have to worry about losing anymore!