Preview: What’s Behind Campaign 2012 Messages?

October 24, 2012

Four debates have come and gone, and in the aftermath of the pomp, points, and politics, what have we learned? On this week’s Moyers & Company, two of the country’s most astute political media observers — Kathleen Hall Jamieson and Marty Kaplan — weigh in on the rhetoric and realities of two campaigns now in the home stretch, looking to make their cases by any means affordable.

Bill is later joined by Neil Barofsky, who held the thankless job of special inspector general in charge of policing TARP, the bailout’s Troubled Asset and Relief Plan, and discusses the critical yet unmet need to tackle banking reform and avoid another financial meltdown.

Watch a short preview above.

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  • Anonymous

    I can tell you what was NOT said, is ALREADY decided for us, and NOT up for public vote:

    1) Both sides agree with the Globalization paradigm for the U.S. business.
    2) Both sides support the job killing Free Trade Agreements that allow U.S. corporations to escape taxes importing their goods back to U.S.
    3) Both sides support the One World Financial System of global banks consisting of our Federal Reserve private banks and the IMF.
    4) No penalties or auditing of the Federal Reserve private banks and their clandestine activities with taxpayer monies.
    5) Both sides hiding the massive fiscal cliff about to happen.

  • Anonymous

    Candy Crowley said she was going to ask a question about global warming in the debate but ran out of time. You’d think she could have made that a priority of some kind. So once again, the “journalists,” engaged in that for-profit corporate endeavor, let us down. I don’t know who’s worse, an ignorant public or our derelict fourth branch of government. The chicken or the egg.

  • Wolf Braun

    “We the people” need to start discussing what we want the PURPOSE and PRINCIPLES of government to be. If “we the people” don’t start having this discussion not much will change. It’s up to the people to give direction to our elected officials and bureaucrats that it’s about “ALL” the people, not just a few.

  • Pam

    I am a big fan of quality Jounalism. I am an avid reader/watcher of PBS,NPR,PRI, World Journal,FSTV,Democracy Now,the MSM etc but I am growing disenchanted and annoyed with the endless dissection and false equivalancy in some of this analyisis e.g Moyers and Jamieson.

    The extent of the outright lying and the voter supression tactics of Repubs warrants condemnation.The budget plan presented by Ryan is downright destructive and mean(even as he’s lying re it) and Romney’s ‘business” background aka vulture capitalism does not show leadership,morally or economicaly.His foreign policy ideas are those of neocons and not actually his.He is beholden to the Tea Party and the Koch brothers.

    Jounalists may make a living with the scales of justice game but these scales have been too long tippes in favor of Plutocracy and exclusivity and Obama(and a Democratic Congress are the best chance we have.

    now to right this.

    A Repub administration would be devastating.