Preview: Trading Democracy for ‘National Security’

April 24, 2013

The violent Boston rampage triggered a local and federal response that, according to columnist Glenn Greenwald, adds a new dimension to troubling questions about government secrecy, overreach, and what we sacrifice in the name of national security. Greenwald joins Bill on this week’s Moyers & Company to peel back layers that reveal what the Boston bombings and drone attacks have in common, and how secrecy leads to abuse of government power.

Also on the show, political scholars Norman Ornstein and Thomas Mann tell Bill that Congress’ failure to make progress on gun control last week — despite support for background checks from 90% of the American public — is symptomatic of a legislative branch reduced to dysfunction, partisan ravings and obstruction.

A year ago, the two — who had strong reputations as non-partisan analysts – decided to speak truth to power with their book It’s Even Worse Than It Looks: How the American Constitutional System Collided with the New Politics of Extremism. In it, they argue that congressional gridlock is mostly the fault of the right wing of the Republican Party, which engages in “policy hostage-taking” to extend their political war against the president. What’s more, Ornstein and Mann say, the mainstream media and media fact-checkers add to the problem by pretending both parties are equally to blame.

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  • Gaspar Ortiz

    Looking fordward to see this program

  • Pat Elgee

    The Cult-ish right wing of the republican party is 90% of republicans. The republicans are the Obstructionists. They are the “Do Nothing” party. They seek out and get 75% of the bribe money coming in under the guise of “political contributions.” This is illegal for politicians to take bribes!
    This is the result of poor reporting. Conservatives control the press either directly, or by labeling any story that tells the truth as “the liberal press.”