Preview: The Toxic Assault on Our Children

April 17, 2013

On this week’s Moyers & Company, biologist, mother and activist Sandra Steingraber explains why she was willing to go to jail for blocking access to the construction of a storage and transportation facility involved in the controversial process of fracking. Steingraber has become internationally known for building awareness about toxins she says are threatening our children’s health by contaminating our air, water and food. She talks to Bill about these “toxic trespassers,” and how we must act to stop them.

With government captured by the very industries it’s supposed to regulate, Steingraber has lost patience with politicians and corporations, but says our kids need to know “mom is on the job” of preventing destruction to the environment.

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  • Jerry

    Bravo to Sandra Steingraber for standing up to the oil and gas companies who are more concerned about their profits than the health and welfare of our children, and for standing up to the politicians who have sold their souls to the corporations.

  • Joseph M Campbell

    Sandra was sentenced to the maximum 15 days in jail tonight after pleading guilty and refusing to pay the fine. She read a moving statement that accused Inergy, the Kansas City, MO based company that is attempting to store LPG and natural gas in abandoned salt caverns on Seneca Lake, of Toxic Trespass for violating our air, our water and our health. Dr. Steingraber is a true hero!

  • Anonymous

    Hero! Thank you so much Dr. Sandra! I finished the book Raising Elijah recently and think it’s a very important read–essential if you have children.

  • Dona Syman

    Thank you, Bill Moyers for having Sandra on your show, she is the voice of thousands of other mothers who are outraged that the average citizen has to fight for clean water coming from their own tap. What kind of world do we live in when the fossil fuel industry can come into your community and destroy your life. Sandra should not be going to jail, the real criminals are the frackers.

  • Bob McBride

    Hi Bill and Sandra, I have not heard much about fracking since the movie Gas Land. One would think by the television commercials and the political talk about clean energy (gas) that the industry had cleaned up the process. It is sad to learn they did not. I will watch this program Sunday night.

  • James Lesley Jones

    People talk about fracking oil, and tar sand, and the total numbers of tens of millions of disabled but who went out and solarized their home or bought an electric car. Let’s put out $$$$ where our dreams for the future are.