Preview: The Resurrection of Ralph Reed

August 30, 2012

While Romney, Ryan, Christie and Rubio get the lion’s share of attention during the Republican Convention this week, three one-time college Republicans who are now the party’s real power-brokers — Karl Rove, Ralph Reed and Grover Norquist — are busy doing what they do best: leveraging their political, religious, and financial resources to back pro-corporate, anti-government objectives at the core of the conservative agenda.

The true surprise at the Tampa convention is Ralph Reed’s resurrection. When the former head of the Christian Coalition was discovered to have raked in millions of dollars from the super lobbyist — and eventually convicted felon — Jack Abramoff, Reed wound up in political purgatory. But outraged by the election of Barack Obama, and responding to what he describes as God’s call (via Sean Hannity), Reed returned to start the Faith and Freedom Coalition with the aim of toppling Barack Obama from the White House.

To succeed, Reed needs to win the allegiance of many of the trusting Christian followers he had duped and double-crossed while working with Abramoff. Can he pull it off?

Later on the show, Bill also talks with Mike Lofgren, a long-time Republican who says the rise of politicized religious fundamentalism transformed his party and created a de facto religious test for the presidency. Lofgren tells the story in his book The Party is Over: How Republicans Went Crazy, Democrats Became Useless, and the Middle Class Got Shafted.

Check local listings for TV time and channels, and watch a  preview above.

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  • lostbythesea

    “Time honored values?” Me thinks he’s been hitting the wine!

  • Charlotte Shapiro

    The darlings Ralph Reed, his followers and his dope-pushers, Rove, Norquist, Cheney, et al, laughing, partying, giggling? Let them put all their worldly riches into insuring themselves of a Romney-Ryan presidency. WAIT FOR IT! The other shoe has not fallen. Your story plan for this week on Moyers & Co is waste of your time and energy. EVERYTHING is going to CHANGE in the blink of an eye. There will BE NO ELECTION. PERIOD. THERE IS ANOTHER PLAN for our GOD-BLESSED AMERICA. IT does NOT involve ANY political candidates, NOR ANY speaking in the name of a political PARTY… NOR, that which is falsely called “Christian”. And…ALL the people who live by material world consciousness, life separate from GOD? Let them drown in their money losses and may their false gods be forever shattered. Let GOD dominion be declared! (According to my inner view, the other shoe has already fallen…but, is blacked out from public view until the new ORDER is official.)

  • Anonymous

    Puppeteers with the strings of pro-big corporation, anti-government, and fundamentalist religion. Find the American string? So sad when manipulation overcomes common sense.

  • Joan_of_Artist

    Once, the money-changers were thrown out of the temple. Let’s do the same thing with Super-Pacs by overturning the decision that allows them to spend unlimited money to promote lies and distortions.