Preview: Moving Beyond War

March 21, 2012

Nine years after Baghdad erupted in “shock and awe,” we’re once again hearing in America the drumbeat for war in the Middle East. Now, the bull’s-eye is on Iran. But what we need more than a simple change of target is a complete change in perspective, says Andrew Bacevich, a West Point graduate and Vietnam veteran-turned-scholar who’s become one of the most perceptive observers of America’s changing role in the world.

This week, on an all-new Moyers & Company (check local listings), Bill Moyers and Bacevich explore the futility of “endless” wars, and provide a reality check on the rhetoric of American exceptionalism.

“Are we so unimaginative, so wedded to the reliance on military means that we cannot conceive of any way to reconcile our differences with groups and nations in the Islamic world, and therefore bring this conflict to an end?” Bacevich tells Moyers.

Bacevich also answers the question of whether Iran is a direct threat to America with a definitive no. “Whatever threat Iran poses is very, very limited,” he tells Moyers, “and certainly does not constitute any kind of justification for yet another experiment with preventive war.”

Watch a preview of the show above.

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  • Thomas Baughman

    Can’t wait to see this show! I’m sure Bacevich will be insightful as usual.

  • Sparky

    Bill Moyers is a long and trusted friend for honesty.

  • mlw

    Hooray!!!  Thank you thank you for bringing back Prof. Bacevich.  This man should be listened to.  I have been following him since he last appeared on your show.  I just wish people in power and elsewhere would listen to this humble and insightful man!

  • Dale Paruszkiewicz

    Prof. Andrew Bacevich is a God send.  A voice of reason in the howling wind of American foreign policy. 

  • Alan

    Looking forward to hearing Prof Bacevich. Another guest possibility is Karl Marlantes, author of the best sellers “Matterhorn” and “What It Is Like To Go To War.”

  • nethawkdotnet

    Will Bill Moyers address his continued support of the Obama administration in the face of the facts Mr. Bacevich is bringing to light?

  • Vivek Jain

    I’m looking forward to this interview.  I’ve posted some links to articles and websites here:

  • Anonymous

    Bacevich should SEc. of Defense, or National Security Advisor, or something similar. We need intelligent men of experience and wisdom in key roles. Not chicken-hawks that have never served in the military and utilize the military as a first option.

  • Vivek Jain

     he has limits to his questioning, it seems.  He refuses to acknowledge that the wars on Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention Pakistan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen and lord knows where else, are illegal.   He never mentions that the assassinations of Iranian scientists (likely by Israel) are illegal.   The parameters are pretty obvious.

  • CalvinLeman

    A president to stop war:

  • Testpilot

    Excellent interview and I am now a fan of Mr. Bacevich’s experience and logic in dealing with the endless wars phenomenon.