What Does Media Consolidation Look Like?

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Find out in this new interactive map from Free Press. Since the mid-1990s, four companies have been devouring local TV stations across the United States. Hit replay to see the progression from 1996 onwards.

Find out more about Free Press’s campaign to stop the wave of mergers at their website.

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  • Douglas Baker

    There is only one–a for profit press that 24/7 programs its viewers as best it can for the owners benefit.

  • Andrew

    So much for the marketplace of ideas. Oooh, a tweet!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ResumeCoach Irish

    I was just blogging about the talking heads tonight….

  • Arm of Keaau

    All of you have this about half right. There are few if any “news” programs left. What the general public is being bombarded with are either entertainment, talking blowhards, or both. We left the era of real local and international news decades ago. (_: FBI

  • Katy Parrish

    Support independent media and boycott the products pushed on the corporate networks. I am enjoying AlJazeera America, DemocracyNow and Bill Moyers (obviously…one of my heros.) When I can stomach watching the corporate infotainment, including the local news where as my son explains, “If it bleeds, it leads”, it is only to see what distractions are being used to sell more things we don’t need.

  • Will

    Media consolidation — whether it’s TV networks, newspapers, or mobile carriers — has been one of my biggest concerns, especially given the far-right ideology of some the owners of these news organizations. Since you wanted us to ask, how has the growing influence of the internet affected all of this? Is the internet an equal concern? Or has the internet actually acted as a balance to the corporate controlled propaganda being delivered by most news organizations?

    I remember very clearly how people would ridicule the internet as a poor and unreliable source of news and information just a few years ago. That has definitely changed, partly because of the overlap with news organizations. But also because the quality of content (and delivery methods) continues to evolve. The concern over the reliability of the internet seems to be shifting to concern over the reliability of news organizations — fascinating turnabout in recent years.

  • Anonymous

    The press is no longer for profit: its for pressing home a political agenda, and in few of the cases is that even close to moderate democratic or liberal, its hard line Libertarianism! @ a loss to the owners, just so they can influance opine without any compition!

  • Anonymous

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